About Benson Koh

I have been in the local real estate scene since I left army in 2007 as a SAF regular.

Bruce Lye and myself have co-founded Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI) with the blessing of our group (which used to be known as SRI5000) and we have been growing from strength to strength in both realtor numbers and brokerage production.

Today, SRI is run by 3 Managing Partners including myself, Bruce and Ken Low whom has left his previous agency to run the helm of the agency. With our expertise over the years as active realtors and head of our groups, we have formed the foundation of SRI with two Managing Directors, Tony Koe and Tricia Teo.

We are still looking for active team mates to join our family to achieve our target of 1,000 active realtors.

For any business opportunities, real estate portfolio advisories or real estate career exploration, I can be reached at benson@sri.sg or +65 9091-5000.

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