Evernote for your Real Estate Business

After a good 7 years, I have been going through what is seemingly a high transition on how print media dropped its anchor of being the leader in information and coverage; where Real Estate sales became more transparent with different media portals, discussion boards, and even the way that you handle your clients have changed.

Brooding over the weekend, these are the factors which are important to me and why Evernote is a game changer and why you should use it to run your Real Estate business.

Why Do You Need a Third Brain

There’s too many things happening in our fast paced career. You have appointments to appointments, with things to follow through from different customers. You have things to learn everyday. You follow up with real estate news. New cooling measures break in, you have to follow through the regulatories to understand and see how it applies to each of your clients.

You drive. Calls come in, you have to probably “take notes” or call your clients later. This can go on, sometimes even 14 days in 2 weeks. And you forget something important in the midst. You get into trouble.

This happens.

For that matters, our brain can only remember that much things when information gets overload. Sometimes you have to prioritise and choose the information that you would have to remember by hard, but you must have a good strategy in keeping them and recalling them as and when. *snaps finger*

If you think Evernote is just a note app in any of your phones, don’t be fooled. This harmless looking elephant is hell of a help in organising not just your personal life, but impressive in building relationships and making you efficient in your business.

Handling Leads

“Sure, ok. Let’s meet on Thursday to discuss the details. Let me call you back later, I have an incoming call…”

“Hello hi!”

… Thursday came and you forgotten to return your call.

This happens.

Evernote allows you to take notes on the go, be it whether audio, by scribbling or just taking a plain note with your writing on it. A typical habit would be just reaching out for a pen and paper and scribble. What you could do is to snap a shot and store it as one of your note in Evernote and have a reminder set to remind you to call the lead back in an hour;

You would be able to then draft a to-do for your lead and have your plans carried out.

EN is smart for businesses.
EN is smart for businesses.

Data Organisation

The trick is you don’t have to be tidy, and.. nobody has to know ;-)

Yes, just dump everything in, including scanned documents. The search box is like your little Google box which digs out your dirty linen, even by your handwriting. With such features, you could find anything which you would have dumped in somewhere in the corner, and still be able to find precious data which you need.

Pulling out what you need immediately is the most effective tool of a Realtor.

No matter how messy you are, use the search!
No matter how messy you are, use the search!

Team Play

Be it Evernote Premium (which is good enough for most) or Evernote Business, you have the luxury of updating your team mates what is happening to any leads which you are working on so that they know the full picture. And when that happens, they could start where you left off should you be taking a vacation or have to be busy with something else. This is a boon.

It also improves productivity in the Team with knowledge which you could be sharing with them through a Notebook. For myself, I keep track of my Team activities as they update me via Evernote almost daily. Talking about productivity!

My Evernote loot for work and personal life.

And there’s a lot more. It might be too heavy for everyone to have Evernote benefits listed in just one article but we’ll touch it along the way how it can increase your productivity at work and even at home :-)

Join me for a one day lesson :-)

Enrich FB Invite - Evernote 101 Pt 1

[block type=”notice”] Practicing and aspiring Realtors who are coming onboard the industry can join me for a one day lesson Evernote 101 – Know your Best Friend for a complete fundamental basics of how it works. No cost, no obligation! Do register yourself with me in case it is a full class.

The class will be held on 3rd of January 2014 (Friday) at 10:00AM in SLP Realty training room. What better way to start the year to learn how to organise yourself effectively![/block]