A Career in Real Estate

For the benefits of those who wants to carve out a career in Singapore’s real estate or join me as a part of SLP’s SRI5000 Team, here’re the perks when you’re working as a professional full-time Realtor/ Real Estate agent.

You have all the time for yourself.

Or your clients. As a self employed, your time is your own. You carve your own projection on how you would advance in your path. And because there’s no cap in your earning capabilities, the sky is the limit. You’re only limited by your own capability in handling your projections and expectations of your clients.

Thus uncapping the limit is important, which is why you should look for a company, or a team leader who knows how to advice and guide you through the initial, difficult phase of being self-employed should you be unfamiliar with this field.

Here’re the perks when you join us as a professional Realtor in SLP’s SRI5000 Division

to be continued..

A Dedicated Teacher

I understand the frustration of a newcomer, or even an experienced agent who has a problem with planning career advancement, internet marketing and problems with negotiations and closings. As your teacher, I’m always available to advise you and guide you through deals that you might have difficulties in administering the right solutions to your client. Remain approachable at all times is my mission in guiding my team mates.

An IT Edge

A SEO(Search Engine Optimization) savvy Realtor, I have experience with SEO projects and have applied numerous campaigns to funnel into successful sales. Be part of my team when I can teach you on how to learn the gropes of getting effective leads from the Internet.

You can rest assure that you’re under the care of a professional Adviser who’s very strong in the leading Information Technology era.

Direction Seeker

Ever felt lost when you’re planning out your career? No sense of direction when it comes to a job or a business? Fear not! Just arrange a time for Starbucks and we’ll have a good session straightening out your thoughts and plans for this interesting and fruitful career. Budgeting? How to start without a car for a Real Estate agent? No worries, it can be done ;)

A Friend

I would say the most important asset that you would have gained is my friendship. I’m fiercely loyal and protective of my friends. If you have any kind of issues with regards to Real Estate that needs to be sort out, or a relationship, or just need someone to talk to, I’m always approachable.

And if you have any questions that has been bugging you from joining as a full-time real estate Realtor profession, I’m just a call (+65 9091 5000) or an email away from you. Stay connected ;)