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    1. Hi Benson,

      Good Morning.

      Can you advise which bookstore can I buy the above CEHA course book ?

      Thx & Rgds, kenny

    2. would you buy a 3rd storey walk up at Lucky Court (since 1972)or a 14 years old ground floor unit in a freehold condominium(District 16)?

      Note: to live in for couple of years and sell it at later stage.

      1. I would go for the 14 years old ground floor condominium, do note its a personal preference.

        First off you’ll have to study the en bloc potential of Lucky Court. As far as I see, the capital appreciation of Lucky Court is unconvincing for me to pick them up. Again I wouldn’t know which project you’re comparing with in your freehold condominium, but I’m sure the appreciation would have been more liquid as compared to Lucky Court, which doesn’t have many transactions for the past year. (1 or 2?)

        The liquidity of the unit is a question mark. It might pose a problem when you are ready to sell.

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