Singapore is Top City for Asian Expatriates

Singapores view with the Suns rays bouncing on The Sail condominium. Photo Credit: Sals way
Singapore's city view with the Sun's rays bouncing off The Sail condominium.

Photo Credit: Sal

A well-balanced city as compared with the rest of it’s Asia counterparts as Singapore is being rated the top city with the best quality of life for the Asian expatriates rated by human resources consultancy ECA International.

Singapore beat 253 other cities, including Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne and Japan’s Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe. Hong Kong was ranked 11th due to its air quality.

Bringing up the tail were Baghdad in Iraq, Kabul in Afghanistan, Karachi in Pakistan and Port-au-Prince in Haiti. These were the least desirable locations for expatriates due to a lack of suitable facilities and high personal security risks, said ECA.

Straits Times Online

I suppose having a good reputation would boost global companies whom are thinking of expanding to consider us as a possible venue to expand in the Asia sector. This will also have a little number punch to the number of tourists who comes to visit as well.

Bravo Singapore!