A Swavroski Cable Car Cabin for Singapore?

Sentosa Cable Car, The Old Look
Sentosa Cable Car, The Old Look
Photo credit: Flying Cloud

Amazing things people can come up with for ideas. Sentosa is finally upgrading its fleet of their old school cable cars during this recession.

SINGAPORE: The view off Singapore’s Harbour Front is going to change as the cable cars stop moving for a S$36m overhaul later this year.

Mount Faber Leisure Group is investing in a whole new cable car system which will see 67 new cable car cabins, as well as a Swarovski-encrusted VIP cabin.

As part of the changes, the cable car rides will be rebranded as jewel rides. The project will start in the third quarter of 2009 and is scheduled for completion by the second quarter of 2010.

Channel News Asia

A Swavroski encrusted cabin? I wonder how much that’s going to cost to just be sitting on it in the future, but before the rides of our old cabins stop before the 15th of August, maybe you’d like to bring your kids (free for those under 12) and yourself for another nostalgic ride before the rates get hike when its new fleet is ready.

I bet the glittering cabin is going to be a hit with girls and couples who wants an alfresco sky dining experience. Hum