Best Buy from eBay in 2009 – GPS Receiver for $1

I know it’s absurd but it’s not suppose to cause any commotion. This might be my best deal buy from eBay ever.

A Holux 236B GPS Receiver for a dollar?!

This is what I did! HTC Touch Pro has this lagging problem with their internal GPS. The problem isn’t known yet whether it’s got to do with the ROM, Radio or the hardware.. To avoid the lag, I have an ex Holux Slim 236 (Version 1) which works perfectly but always drop its Bluetooth connection with my HTC Touch pro easily.


I’ve bid a dollar from sralls and got it from him with full box and accessories. Beaming my way home with the receiver successfully working with my Touch Pro, the B version definitely holds and works better in terms of blue tooth performance.

Well, you can’t totally say that you can’t get good buys at all nowadays on the internet ;)

At least I got mine. *Scuttles for the next $1 bid in eBay.