Fooling Around with Lenovo T61X

One of my 2009 resolution is to harness the best of what I could with my pocket and information technology infrastructure to boost our possible way of closing sales and getting organised effortlessly during the down times.

Nicholas actually sent me a link of how our American counter-parts actually used a tablet to deal with most of her daily routines and how it boosted and managed her ways of effective time management.

In a quick spur of moment after a few sleepless nights consideration, I’ve decided to do my studies on which tablet laptop should I buy to replace the current Asus centrino that I have. There’s only a few models available on the market which are really worth considering. They’re Fujitsu Lifebook T5010, HP Pavillion TX2500z, Toshiba Portege R400 and the winner Lenovo Thinkpad T61X/200X.

There was a battle between getting the R400 and Lenovo whilst I phased the T5010 and TX2500Z out; both feels great, but I didn’t like the Fujitsu salesman in Funan (bwahaha) and TX2500Z is running on Turion, which means excessive heat and less battery hours of usage. I’d need something that could last me for a good amount of time in terms of processing and battery power if I were to really use it like a regular book.

Verdict – The T61X Won My Heart

Lenovo’s 8 cell battery with core 2 duo could probably do the trick. (R400 is running on U, which means better battery life as well, but ah well, it has a glossy surface which doesn’t seem viable if I’m out with alot of sun, T61/200 does the trick with anti-glare screen.)

Lenovo Thinkpad X61T - My New Arsenal
Lenovo Thinkpad X61T - My New Arsenal

T61 won over my heart, though T200 would have been a better choice with the new specifications, but it’s a tad too expensive at the moment considering the new model just got into the market. Also I would have to pre-order from local Lenovo dealers and would have to wait for the shipment to arrive. Time and tide waits for no one; at least I want my tools to be that way.

I’ve always been fascinated by how Thinkpad users have actually rated so much highly than any brands of laptops that they have used before. It’s time for me to get a piece of action.

Getting package ready on 23rd December

We’ll see how it changes the way I do business in 2009, and whether am I more organised with my paper cluttered desk which will be almost completely paperless after all the housekeeping is done (after scanning them into pdfs to be stored on my new power-toy). *Fingers crossed and starts scanning documents to be ready for the package*