Singapore Shows Vigilance Capabilities on the Hunt for Jemaah Islamiyah

A MMS from ‘SPF’ came yesterday at 4pm.

You would think you’re getting another mobile virus from some anonymous bastard who wants to fry your phone. As Channel News Asia flashes across me with the JI terrorist hunt still on, I opened the MMS with my Dopod.

Mmn, so this is how Jemaah Islamiyah look like. It would seem so weird that he could possibly escape, but Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Armed Forces have been securing most of the key installations and possible escape perimeters very vigilantly. A good friend of mine, Nicholas who’s in the fish chartering business notice a lot more coast guard petrols on the sea lately.

I would say SPF and SAF is taking this operation as a way to show off their capabilities. First off, the main mobile networks volunteered and allow SPF to tap the 5.5 million mobile phones (M1, Singtel and Starhub). I received another email coming from Singnet, it looks alot like a phishing email than a warning one though, but its not too hard to recognise.

Posters of Jemaah Islamiyah is all over the island, and with the public working diligently with the government forces, it’s only a matter of time before he gets back behind bars.