The Singapore Property Search – Review, Myoochi

Our first Singapore Property Search shootout focuses on Myoochi, an aesthetically beautiful Singapore Property search portal.

Myoochi - A Singapore Property Search Portal

I’ll review all these sites base on my understanding of the previous factors which I’ve mentioned about.

Ease of Listing

Registration as an agent is fairly simple, fill up some forms, no sensitive data asked. There’s a problem with my signing up previously as I didn’t receive the verification email from the system. A kind lady from Myoochi’s office actually gave me a call and resent the verification to settle the issue.

Most of the real estate consultancy companies are there for you to choose which firm are you from, and they allow you to add a photo of yourself (So your face, handphone number and even your real estate company’s address appears next to your listing).

How a Platinum Listing Looks
Platinum Listing Looks Really Nice with the correct amount of information

Two types of listing are available, General Listing & Platinum Listing

General Listing basically allows simple text descriptions, with options to choose from like Property Type, For Sale or Rental and many more options. A plus point is to allow you to just simply key in the postal code of your property so you do not have to key in the full address.

Platinum Listing allows unlimited uploading of photos (apparently since I don’t see the limit stopping when I click on the plus signs of the uploading section), has a property location map to show you exactly where your property is located with other projects nearby.

Searching for a Property

Easy, just key in your minimum sum, maximum sum and rent or sale in which area, most of the listings are tastefully shown up with a summary. Thumbs up for this.

Plus Points of Listing

+ The listing is tastefully displayed and you’re allowed to edit it if its a platinum listing (check out my Sanctuary Green Penthouse listing to see how it looks)
+ Allow people to click to offer, bookmark and add alert service to update you of any changes (Though usually the case, potential clients will just call your mobile
+ Per Square Foot pricing of rental or sale is up for easy reference so you don’t have to do your calculation.

Minus Points

– If they do allow a click to the existing photos to enlarge to allow potential customers to see the picture clearly, it’ll be fantastic.
– If only they have a video option for linking Youtube or Metacafe videos for a video tour of the place.
Generally it is easy to list your properties with Myoochi, I’ll give this a thumbs up to the aesthetic, the ergonomics of the site, and the functions. You get a help desk to call if you have problems with the site.

Myoochi Ranking on Alexa

Traffic/ Viewership

This is something Myoochi could improve on. A ranking of 448,200 on Alexa means it hasn’t really reach a good viewership as compared to big guns like Mocca, Gum Tree, and Craiglist (classified ads). We could say with 440,000 odd ranking, there’s a viewership of about 30 – 50 daily uniques (I know, I’ve a few sites running)

Also, to improve viewer ship, they could focus on SEO, permlinks settings and advertising if they have the time and budget to do so.

Bonus to sign up as a Member

You’ll also get a weekly wrap up of the real estate happenings in Singapore via email, which I think is pretty useful for a Realtor. It basically could sum up most of the new news mentioned in Business Times/ Straits Times.

Rating: 3.0/ 5.0 (With viewer ship lacking, I don’t see anything else is missing much)

Sign up as a Realtor on Myoochi to list your properties here | or as a member to receive updates


We’ll be looking at PropertyGuru, another search portal that has gained popularity from TV media lately.