The Orchard Residences – Orchard Most Iconic Luxury Living

Imagine having coffee at Wheelock’s Place at the Coffee Club with a bunch of your friends when they’re having the usual conversation of where they’re staying or intending to move to.

“So where do you live?”

You point at the top of the most iconic and tallest building in Orchard. Everyone’s impressed.

The Orchard Residences - Above It All
The Orchard Residences - Above It All

Enter The Orchard Residences, Orchard’s most impressive and tallest (218 metres) architecture yet.

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Top 10 Most Luxurious Condominium in Singapore

Or the most well-sought after, crème de la crème condominium projects in Singapore as listed by experts from Property Report

Singapore Cityscape. Credits to Pennypoon, Flickr
Singapore Cityscape. Credits to Pennypoon1104, Flickr
  1. St Regis Residences (District 10)
  2. The Sail (District 1)
  3. Orchard Residences (District 9)
  4. Hamilton Scotts (District 9)
  5. Nassim Park Residences (District 10)
  6. Beaufort on Nassim (District 10)
  7. The Ritz Carlton Residences (District 9)
  8. The Edge on Cairnhill (District 9)
  9. Grange Infinite (District 10)
  10. Sentosa Cove’s villas (District 4)

The Demand Has Always Been There

It’s good to know the luxury market is moving, and with the two brand new Integrated Resorts, Resorts World at Sentosa (Genting) and The Marina Bay Sands (Las Vegas Sands), both getting ready, the growth of Singapore’s economy will be tremendous over the next short few years. Foreigners could recognize Singapore’s real estate as potential and safe as government credentials here are sound.

With luxury end condominium, foreigners would not also have to worry about the volatility as the location of these projects are always in good demand, no matter good or bad times. No doubt there’s always a difference in tide and times of real estate economy, these projects are considered limited with the land scarce Singapore.