Facebook Gets Beautiful Girls Dancing Email Phishing Hoax

Email Phishing attacks finally hits Facebook as this email hits my mailbox,

Messages from Your Friends on Facebook, March 11, 2009

You have 1 Personal Message:
Video title: “Amanda is dancing on Striptease Dance Party, March 10, 2009! We’re absolutely shocked!”.

Proceed to view full video message:

http://facebook.shared.alternative.personalid-bj9qcfdgr.InterstitialControl.needplaeradobe.com/home.htm?/OnlineServlet/application=qsty22ysl0d4pgn (rubbish, please do not be fooled)

Message ID: FB-l45gbluauk1s3zt
2009 Facebook community, Message Center.

I haven’t tried clicking the above link as I’m sure it brings you to nowhere good. Should it be phishing for your personal data, I’d suggest you change your password of your Facebook account immediately if you have accidentally logged into that site.

To understand fully what is phishing attacks, check out Wiki’s explanation.

We’ll see Facebook sending official emails to warn everyone soon I’m very sure.