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The Edge – Done Deals Between January 15 to January 22

The Edge has released the weekly list of Singapore property transactions done between January 15th to January 22nd 2010. Download a copy of the pdf here. Among the Highlights An apartment at District 4 Caribbean at Keppel Bay sold for $1,497 psf An apartment at District 14 The Trumps sold for $952 psf A terrace house at District 15 Everitt Road sold for $1,310 psf A terrace house at District 9 Emerald Hill sold for $3,513 psf

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Is it A Good Time to Get Your Properties Again?

Uber Construction Costs First off we’re facing with high construction costs which is being forecasted to grow imminently because of high inflation rates and the shortage in raw materials, we should expect our property prices in Singapore to tag along with the cost since developers will definitely pass this to the consumers. Hi-End Residences Performing at an Uber Cool Pace Then we have CBRE (in fact many of CBRE’s reports) reporting that the high-end residential sectors are doing extremely well. With 50 luxury apartments (upscale luxury developments such as Nassim Park Residence, Cliveden at Grange, The Tomlinson, The Grange, and…

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2 Ways to Buying Singapore Property for Investment

Continuing from where we left, we’ll now can up the process of acquiring a piece of real estate in Singapore. There are generally two ways of purchasing a private residential property in Singapore. By way of an Option to Purchase By entering into a Sales and Purchase Agreement By Way of an Option to Purchase This is the more common way of transacting. You will have to come up with an initial 1% of the purchase price (we call it the “option money”) in exchange for the Option to Purchase. Your are usually given 14 days to decide whether to…

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