A New Age Singapore Real Estate Salesperson For You

We’ve discussed earlier on exclusivity and its importance especially for resale homes today to get sold effectively. We will now touch on the trending of real estate salesperson role change for you to understand how market has also evolved.

Buyers Market

For the past 3 years it has been a primary buyers market. There was a short period of time when market started to pick up and it belonged to the sellers until July 2018 when the last cooling measure was introduced. LTV was reduced and ABSD was increased by 5 points.

It wasn’t made any better when the HDB was unsure of how to respond when citizens were asking about what happens thereafter when their apartments reached 99 years; thus floated the tenure decay term. This has been since patched by Prime Minister Lee’s National Day Rally speech in August 2018 with a VERS solution apart from their usual SERS exercises.

Real estate salesperson whom primarily only serves the resale sellers during this period suffers a decline in transactions for both private resale and HDB homes.

New Home Rush Drove Primary Sales Numbers

Home buyers has been predominantly driving up the primary sale numbers on identifying values from prices that the developers are priced for their inventory.

Affinity at Serangoon, one of the many quality products of award winning local developer Oxley Holdings
Affinity at Serangoon, one of the many quality products of award winning local developer Oxley Holdings

The sheer numbers for primary sale to do well has got to do with many effects in play including merits such as developers reputation, location, product offerings and pricing as developers usually priced them well especially at the launch stage before adjusting median prices upwards overtime, allowing home buyers to sit with a paper gain when the developments obtain Temporary Occupation Period (TOP).

There is also a step up on the real estate agencies with consumer enrichment and awareness with great value knowledge not normally presented that steps up the engagement from the realtors to the intended home purchasers for transparency and product awareness.

A SRI Enrich Consumer seminar for home purchasers with SRI Managing Partner Ken Low
A SRI Enrich Consumer seminar for home purchasers with SRI Managing Partner Ken Low

The Consultant Trend

We see a newborn consulting role which salesperson assumes new responsibilities in growing wealth and sophistication methods such as decoupling to assist consumers in leveraging for another asset.

Realtors undergo trainings to understand their clients needs better by picking up skill sets from the banking calculations, and understanding better on possible legal solutions to offer solutions.

Such solutions if being effectively and responsibly offered would benefit home owners in the long run as real estate is a long term investment.

As mentioned with new added abilities of marketing, traditional realtors whom usually chooses sides (doing either more of buyers or sellers) are doing both extremely well with technology adaptation and wide spread knowledge trainings that the realty companies provide them with.

One of the many SRI Enrich for Realtors as they step up their Facebook marketing campaigns.
One of the many SRI Enrich for realtors as they step up their Facebook marketing campaigns.

Trust is a two-way street

Not all clients are suitable for such leveraging and real estate is one sure but not the only way to grow wealth effectively. Again, clients would be in safer hands having trusted realtors since sensitive information such as net worth might need to be diverged for a clear structured advice.

Trust is a two-way. If the realtor exercises responsibility and common sense when advising, the plan should be sound based on the objectives of the client and will nurture a business relationship in the long run.

Singapore – My Country, My Home

Note, this is meant to be a Singaporean confession, so as professional as it can be, a lot of Singlish is injected into my musings.

Remember the times when history classes in Secondary School was a chore with a huge thick purple textbook talking about pre-Singapore throughout the Malayan history through World War 2 and finally independence of the country. And I was in shorts then still singing ‘Majulah Singapura’ every morning in the basketball courts of my school every morning. The 50 cents bee hoon with curry sauce from the canteen aunty and the 30 cents grass jelly drink (sorry, but I don’t know how much canteen food costs now lol) always perks up my recess even though the teachers could be relentlessly boring in the class, scaring us with homework and assignments.

How much Singapore has transformed so far since then!

The Transformations, as far as I could remember..

The transport system has came under fire by many since it gets congested very easily these days. I would reckon that the population is really growing but do you remember there were the only two color routes namely the Red and the Green line? Now with so many short cuts that you could take, it starts to become as confusing as when you are in Japan taking their train. Before EZ-link, I remember there was these tickets that could bend like Beckham (silver thin cards, was it red for students? and purple for seniors?). Continue reading “Singapore – My Country, My Home”

Happy Birthday Singapore

I’d like to sincerely wish Singapore, my country a happy 44th birthday.

Despite the hectic and stressful life that we lead in this little country, credits must be given back to the well managed, independent land that has given us peace and stability since the day I was born in KK hospital.

Happy birthday Singapore (:

Singapore is Top City for Asian Expatriates

Singapores view with the Suns rays bouncing on The Sail condominium. Photo Credit: Sals way
Singapore's city view with the Sun's rays bouncing off The Sail condominium.

Photo Credit: Sal

A well-balanced city as compared with the rest of it’s Asia counterparts as Singapore is being rated the top city with the best quality of life for the Asian expatriates rated by human resources consultancy ECA International.

Singapore beat 253 other cities, including Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne and Japan’s Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe. Hong Kong was ranked 11th due to its air quality.

Bringing up the tail were Baghdad in Iraq, Kabul in Afghanistan, Karachi in Pakistan and Port-au-Prince in Haiti. These were the least desirable locations for expatriates due to a lack of suitable facilities and high personal security risks, said ECA.

Straits Times Online

I suppose having a good reputation would boost global companies whom are thinking of expanding to consider us as a possible venue to expand in the Asia sector. This will also have a little number punch to the number of tourists who comes to visit as well.

Bravo Singapore!

Singapore Wins Youth Olympic Bid

Woohoo, it seems that Singapore is on a row with events. First F1 Formula racing, then you get the ever first in the world’s night racing and now Youth Olympics to be hosted in our heartland Singapore in 2010!

Singapore Youth Olympic 2010 Host
(photo: yahoo)

With 53 votes to 44, Singapore aced Moscow and will be the first Southeast Asia country to light up the Olympic torch in 2010. Singapore will be spending 75.5 million on hosting the inaugaral event, with 24 venues, 4 venues will be staged up just for the Youth Olympics. We’ll be expecting over 3,500 althetes from age 14 – 18, competing in 26 sports.

Wow, now that calls for a good beer and cheers to everyone around me. It’s great when the nation excels and moves a step towards world recognition in the sporting arena.