When Internet Property Listing Isn’t Selling For You

Property agents (local Singapore agents especially) have this rookie mistake in web marketing; getting a website to list their property listings and not doing anything about. Most, especially the less internet savvy agents would be muttering to themselves on the few hundred dollars spent on companies who tried to market their listing products and just forget that they have an existing potential marketing tool that they haven’t exploited.

Photo Credit: CarbonNYC

What went wrong?

Imagine a television channel that has no one knowing its existence. The channel keeps rolling but there’s no viewership to support. No matter how good the variety shows, the movies or the entertainment channel is doing, no one is watching it at all.

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ST701, PropertyGuru, iProperty Will Be Fighting For the Spot

After the recent major huge Google Pagerank and Alexa Internet traffic rank update, it seems that these three online classifieds, ST701, PropertyGuru and iProperty are gaining grounds and should be fighting for a really good spot for Singapore Realtors to reach out to our local community for real estate listing.

And as of recent Mocca changes if you didn’t notice, they have already started charging for property and car ads. Makes me wonder when are they starting to charge for everything else.

Wish there’s a Gumtree, Olx or a Craigtree version solely for Singapore which is totally free and is pretty effective for marketing.

I’ll be trying the premium service for the above mentioned for a year to see the effectiveness, coupled together with my own expertise in SEO for this domain to bring REM (Real Estate Marketing) in Singapore to a new height.

Watch out for my review.