When One of Your Raptors Die – The Raid0 Problem

I was so proud of my desktop at home a year ago. 4 SATA hard disks running at raid0, with two undisputed speed demons, namely my new pair of Western Digital’s Raptor (74GB). It’s my habit to leave the computer on since I’m almost on it 24/7.

Until the best thing that had ever happen to me when I least expected it. One of the Raptor crashed. Almost most of my Real Estate files, photos and details went pfft in a matter of a day’s time. Though I could try to do a data recovery with WD’s approved data recovery company, it’s too expensive to do so.

Hard Disk Crashed..
photo credit: lost.modern

Sending my hard disk for RMA means there’s at least 2 weeks down time with it. The best thing I could depend on is my laptop to work. That means not much multi-tasking is allowed (with the limitation of ram as compared to my monster 4gb). I was thinking of doing a new raid 0+1 (with 8 hard disks), but ditched the idea after thinking of the cost.

This is the first and its going to be the last time that I ever leave important data unmanaged on my desktop folder.


ps. The most simple solution would be getting a good sized external hard drive which would simply cost you less than $500 for a 1TB to store periodical back ups of your hard disk with programs like Acronis.

pps. Strikes Western Digital off my list alongside with Hitachi, the former IBM.