Singapore Wins Youth Olympic Bid

Woohoo, it seems that Singapore is on a row with events. First F1 Formula racing, then you get the ever first in the world’s night racing and now Youth Olympics to be hosted in our heartland Singapore in 2010!

Singapore Youth Olympic 2010 Host
(photo: yahoo)

With 53 votes to 44, Singapore aced Moscow and will be the first Southeast Asia country to light up the Olympic torch in 2010. Singapore will be spending 75.5 million on hosting the inaugaral event, with 24 venues, 4 venues will be staged up just for the Youth Olympics. We’ll be expecting over 3,500 althetes from age 14 – 18, competing in 26 sports.

Wow, now that calls for a good beer and cheers to everyone around me. It’s great when the nation excels and moves a step towards world recognition in the sporting arena.