An Exclusive Appointment for Selling Your Property in 2020

An Exclusive Appointment with Realtor

This has always been a classic. We are coming to an end of a decade, did the principles changed over the years since January 2010?

Slower Resale Volume since 2018

Resale (with sub-sale) Volume, YOY since 2015

According to SRI Research, the resale volume has dropped from 2017 – 2018 on comparison and if we were to button 2019 to 2018, the trajectory has shown at least a 50% drop in number of resale transactions (including sub-sale)

Button pegged transactions between 2018 and 2019 month on month till September 2019

Marketing Engagement has Evolved

Since then we see marketing methods has evolved because of the drop of resale buyers. We see less emphasis on print media and higher concentration on online media. Realtors primarily depend their listing advertisements on both Property Guru and where most of the consumers sought their day to day real estate listing needs.

The online portals know, and because of that the cost of advertising on the portals has gone significantly higher. In order to get good “first page” coverage, a typical Realtor might have to refresh their listings with chargeable credits often.

Online video marketing has also gone viral, with realtors looking for the right type of buyers and creating their own brand awareness.

Staging of the homes has became apparent too with a substantial cost loading in order for the apartment to look good. Coupled with great looking photos, it’ll attract good attention for buyers to pay heed.

An Exclusive Appointment with Realtor
An exclusive appointment with a responsible realtor will ensure your home gets sold with the best possible marketing methods. This is a staged home for the buyers to have a sense of space planning.

Evolvement also simply means cost has gone up, in which realtors might not work at their best to your interest if it is not an exclusive appointment considering the efforts and monetary loading.

Same Principles, But Trust is of Utmost Importance

Recently, there has been a high profile case of an agent who was charged by CEA because of irresponsible selling. That was unfortunate and puts dent on our industry, but fortunately most other cases are happy ones according to the recent surveys that we gathered from radio discussions.

There is always more benefits for the clients to have an exclusive appointment compared to leaving it open; Unless you are a season investor who is monitoring the price action, and is aware completely of the market and loves to manage between realtors’ expectations, you are better off appointing a responsible realtor to take care of your home sale. Season product owners also understand the importance of appointing sole marketing distributor, let alone real estate.

Clients will usually be looking out for accolades and experience of a realtor to take care of their home sale, but it works best and most effective with friends whom recommend them one as they would have positive experiences from their own.

If you decide to engage in one and would prefer formalising the process by interviewing and reviewing plans of individual realtors, go with your gut on whether you can connect well with the serving realtor alongside with his/her credentials.

Trust and responsibility would be still the primal factors to look for. On this end I would also urge any clients who are appointing any realtors to be upfront with their expectations before the appointment is signed (ie. the amount on professional fees, the intent to sell, your requirements on viewing schedules) so it would be a pleasant experience through the journey of your home sale. Trust is a two-way street.

SRI5000 Sets Record in Pebble Bay at $1,501psf

The Edge property had just featured this transaction. SRI5000 is responsible for the closed sale and is proud to acknowledge it. People would call it a challenging market but with a great profile client whom take our advice seriously and with the right network of buyers and co-operative colleagues from the industry, this was done properly.

You can read more about it in The Edge here.

What to Expect for Singapore Real Estate after QE3

If you haven’t read about the news about the US Federal Reserves releasing QE3, announced on the 13th of September a week ago, here’s a short summary coming from Wikipedia,

QE3 was announced on September 13, 2012. In an 11-to-1 vote, the Federal Reserve decided to launch a new $40 billion a month, open-ended, bond purchasing program of agency mortgage-backed securities; to continue until at least mid-2015.[62] According to, this is effectively a stimulus program which allows the Federal Reserve to print $40 billion dollars a month for an unlimited amount of time.[63] Ratings firm Egan-Jones said it believes the Fed’s decision “will hurt the U.S. economy and, by extension, credit quality.” As a result the firm once again slashed the U.S. bond rating bringing it down to AA-. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged concerns about inflation.[64]

Read more about Quantitative Easing, Wikipedia

With QE3, the Feds are going to inject another $40 billion (printed of course) to buy back mortgage securities in the States, to allow Americans to have an improved lives by improving the job data and consumerism from the possible enhanced property market. They are guaranteed on the low-interest rate as well till mid of 2015 (I wonder whether Bernanke will still be chairman by then) Continue reading “What to Expect for Singapore Real Estate after QE3”

Market Sentiments – Will Singapore Property Market Turn?

Gloomy outlook? Hmm. Photo credit: hsalnat, Flickr
Gloomy outlook? Hmm. Photo credit: hsalnat, Flickr

Everyone is asking the same question with regards to the current financial market as Singapore Exchange (SGX) seem to be volatile with no directions.

Greece/ Europe Situation

With over 54 billion euros in debt, Greece as alongside with Spain and Portugal sent a shock wave to the global economy to end Singapore Exchange’s bullish streak from over 3,000 index point back to the 2,700 point in a matter of 1 week.

This highlights the fragility of the Euro dollar and its economy with 16 countries of the EU zone tied to one currency. As there’s no solution to Greece’s pressing issues at this stage, the world economy’s eyes will be watching and following tightly.

Here’s how the Greece problem happened. Continue reading “Market Sentiments – Will Singapore Property Market Turn?”

Buyers and Tenants Market – Your Call Now

Well we’ve already slide into almost about 3 – 6 months of hourglass movement where the sellers’ market has eventually toppled over fully by the buyers. Inevitably this has uncannily become the same for the landlords to the tenants.

Buyers and Tenants, its yours in 2009 now :)
Buyers and Tenants, it's yours in 2009 now :) Photo courtesy of PretamRao

Buyers and Tenants are now the one with the say in the market.

We’ve seen newspaper reports on more retrenchments homing in after the Chinese New Year period which is about just 3 weeks away, which would cost more people to be distressed and worry about their mortgage loans; especially for those who have taken up Deferred Payment Scheme (DPS) for the new projects which are getting their TOP in 2009/ 2010.

Should the current crisis be affecting the buyers who bought on DPS, even if they have secured a loan with the bank, there might be still be chances these people might default. Again, those who would be in serious trouble are those who hasn’t secure a loan from the bank yet 3 months ago as local banks has taken their stances by already reducing their loan value of only up to 80% of the intended purchase property (The last I knew, UOB, OCBC and DBS is confirmed at 80% rate).

Buying/ Renting Opportunities

With property prices setting to slide further, this creates many possible opportunities of good buys as well as securing a good bargain for rental be it even for commercial or residential.

For the Residential Buyers

We’ll be seeing buying opportunities even in the prime districts like 9, 10, 11 affected. It probably would be a good time to buy for investment in Q2 of 2009 when we would see the full impact of the crisis after consumers cuts their spendings after Chinese New Year and more people losing their jobs. As gloomy as it is, those people who are in-the-money from the enbloc craze in 2006 – 2007 and hasn’t bought anything would have the last laugh.

I’ve seen good condominium units in Devonshire and Jervois going at very realistic and good price medians. Kudos to those who’re waiting.

For the Commercial Tenants

Business which are not affected badly by the crisis or are expanding could take this time to renew a decent tenancy with the landlord or look for even more bigger spaces to expand. Landlords are definitely in a softer position and would not be as skeptical as a year ago to listen to tenants’ proposals. If you have been a good tenant and punctual on your rents, they will definitely try to retain you.

Indeed the chinese phrase 危机 (the flip of two sides, the danger times and opportunities) has become imminently true for people who’re ready for the buying/renting to ride the next boom in at least 2011, 2012.

Plunging Key Interest Rates, A Good Time to Borrow?

Just read a mailer from Tony, Knight Frank on an article in Business Times talking about lower bank interest rates here at home since key interest rates from the States will be cutting tremendously within the next 12 months , meaning adjustments to our SIBOR (Singapore InterBank Offered Rate). It only means two huge things for people who keep their money in the bank and for people who borrows money to do investments or businesses here at home in Singapore.

The Masters of Interest Rates
The faces of your key interest rates decision makers lol.
Photo Credit: fintag

For People Who Keeps Their Money In the Bank

Chances are you’ll lose out if you keep your money in a savings account during this season if your main purpose is to earn interest for the next few months. Unless the bank is giving you a fixed rate (usually, and very low), you would be suffering from lower interest earning power.

For People who Loans Invests in Property and Businesses

Congratulations, it means lower cost for you! I’d reckon the adjustment movements on Sibor and the rates on your banks won’t be taking effect so soon, but it’s a good borrowing time if you are buying properties like houses, shophouses or office even as an investment.

The sentiments for US eating into a recession is very strong, but it shouldn’t impact our economy much. Asian countries has came a long way from the 97-98 Asian Crisis and have definitely diversified their nests all around instead of concentrating all its eggs on the US economy. I’ve read even about neighbour Malaysia’s Central Bank, Bank Negara breaking borders on its monetary reserves (at 101.3 Billion US Dollars) being able to survive for even in face of another crisis should one arise.

Much shouldn’t be said for our own Singapore Government being prudent on our reserves and investment overseas. We’re generally sound.