An Unethical Agent on the Prowl

Daniel’s Yahoo D-Agent group is definitely a good place for Realtor’s to share their listings for quick matches. With over 1,000 fellow Realtors, a daily digest of listings would be good for you as an agent to match your listing for your clients.

Something caught my eye, and I suppose things like this happens from time to time when you deal with rotten agent colleagues.

Dear Friends,

just encountered one unethical agent.

His name is ******. He called asking for info
for one of my units and require more information.

After giving him all the information i have, he
requested for me to send him the floorplan.

I emailed him some pictures of my unit but unfortunately,
i do not have the floor plan so i explained to him nicely.

He msg me at least 3 times asking me for the floorplan
which i politely explained that i do not have, so does
the owner.

Finally he msg me:” forget it….”

And when i tried explaining further and offering to help,
he replied :” stop sms..”

I ran a search on his number and realised he is an agent.

His telephone no: ********** Please save this to prevent people like
this to take advantage.

I don’t see any reasons why this agent would want to sabotage another person, but things like that happen from time to time.

Shame on you. Not as if Petric owes you a living. Maybe we should have a blacklist for agents who gives other fellow agents trouble and just don’t deal or co-broke with them.

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