Singapore Roads Are Really Not Meant for Cyclists

I understand about the part of keeping fit, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, but not in the middle of the highway and especially late at night when you don’t even have blinking lights.

This is really a safety issue with regards to all cyclists. I’m sure even if Lance Armstrong is here in Singapore, he’d even have lights and full helm on when he cycles along the roads to travel from one end to another at night. I was travelling along Nicoll Highway after catching a movie in Cineleisure, Orchard. It didn’t just exactly happen once, but 3 times. You see cyclists just cutting a HIGHWAY out of nowhere.

If anyone who drives is to run them down, not only they lose their life, but they’ll cost an innocent driver to go to jail because in the first place, the cyclist himself doesn’t want to treasure his own!

I admire groups of cyclists going together on roads in the wee hours of the morning to train up since they do still adhere to road ethics, but not those that I mentioned above. If you are those who actually saves up by cycling from one place to another, either observe the protocol, or please take the public transports.

First off, public transport is really affordable and it’s VERY easy for you to travel from one place to another. Second and the most important thing, you save your life, and cost less trouble to another. Lastly, Singapore is pretty much developed and you can’t see much of trails other than very busy roads with cars travelling at least 60KM/H on a typical minor road, it IS DANGEROUS.

At least a working blinking light attached behind your bicycle at night. Really.

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