the URL Shortener Adds In Preview Function

I’ve just added the URL Preview function to, the cool way to shorten your URL.

Why Preview Function?

You’ve seen a domain loitering around. It directs you to somewhere instantly. You don’t like it. Some reasons are:

  • Another crappy affiliate ad link hidden behind
  • A virus/ trojan link which makes you vulnerable
  • Some indecent site that you wouldn’t or maybe someone behind you whom you don’t want them to look at.

How It Works - How Preview Works

You’ll have to allow cookies to be stored on your browser. It’ll basically give you a preview of the address that is masking behind. Something like this:

Having that enabled, you can feel alot safer when you navigate with links!

Try it for Free!

Try it now for free! And if you have any indecent URL masking behind, please feel free to report to me.

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