Clustered Homes in Singapore In a Nutshell

The trend has been on the upscale for clustered bungalows lately with project marketing teams like Huttons, OrangeTee and also Knight Frank dealing with niche areas like Goodman Rd(D15), Dunsfold (D13) and more.

Clustered Bungalows, Matlock Residences at Matlock Rise
Clustered Bungalows, Matlock Residences at Matlock Rise

What is a Clustered Home?

They’re strata-titled landed housing. In short, its like your condominium which is strataed and being placed to a Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) for maintenance of your strata area. Strata area can include anything shared between the few terraces or bungalows such as a common pool (or your own jacuzzi pool), private enclosed spaces, terraces, aircon ledges, planter boxes, so on and so forth.

They’re considered a hybrid in between landed properties and condominium since some developments do have communal and shared facilities such as a gymnasium, barbeque areas etc.

Why a Clustered Home as Compared to a Conventional Terrace or Bungalow?


You get the best of both worlds of what a condominium and a landed property enjoys. Perks include the above mentioned such as a gymnasium, a shared pool, jacuzzi pools, barbeque areas in which normal landed doesn’t get to enjoy unless land size permits for alterations, which would cost more. The cost of maintenance is spread among the project, which makes it affordable and hassle free.

Also, it seems that a foreigner has a higher chance of owning a clustered home (subjected to LDAU’s approval) since its strataed.

Some Things to Take Note

  • Owners of clustered homes are generally not allowed to tear down and rebuild their properties unlike their counterparts since they’re part of a strata-titled project. Cluster homes tend to have the same unision appearance.
  • En bloc would be treated the same as your condominium counterparts, with 90% consensus for a less than 10 year clustered project and 80% for more than a 10 year clustered project.
  • Unlike full landed properties which transaction is based mostly on land area, clustered homes pricing are calculated with its built-in size as they are part of a Strata.

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