Happy New Year 2009! New Year Resolution Time!

You know it usually never happens, but I’ll make it simple for myself and everyone to know what I’d be planning to stick my guns to with my brand new mind mapping techniques which I think should work before I hit 27 this new year in August.


I’m a firm believer in a good balance of everything. Again, this hasn’t been happening in 2008 and as a result, I’ve gained like 6kg in a short 6 month span. Err. It’s not healthy of course.

The Singapore government has always been quite supportive of sporting events holding here. We have the few cute events that’re coming up, namely the Singapore Biathlon organised by Navy, Sundown Marathon by Adidas which I have already registered for. That will drive me to keep my procrastination down and go for constant trainings in the gym and pool for the 1st half of the year ;)

Also, Men’s Health kicks butt!


Keeping track of my spendings in 2009 systematically. With this I have Pocket Finance Diary for my HTC Touch Pro which will allow me to export to CSV for any other personal finance softwares. I’m thinking of MS Money/ Quicken to my arsenal.

It simply works, but I have to keep up the momentum, else the habit will eventually fade away 2 months time (Don’t you find it’s tough to keep up with resolutions? lol)

Social Web 2.0

I have a couple of web publications which I have to keep up for 2009. One of it would have to be this personal blog which I’d be focusing on touching the sensitive Singapore and the rest of the world’s real estate news; tips and tricks and my rantless rumblings. I would try to be driving this blog for a Alexa ranking of under a 100,000 and try to increase Google PR of this blog to a minimum 4 by April 2009. Apart from driving traffic, I’d be regularly using my twitter account and visiting forums for more news and update myself. It’ll be for the best for my customers to keep in touch with me with a mailing list to let them know what’s happening too.

Timeline set is decent and realistic. Just stick to the gun of updating this blog regularly for minimum a post for 2 days, get to know new netfriends doing the same thing and exchanging links, I should be able to do it.


Not forgetting keeping up with my friends of mine since the secondary school days, IRC and colleagues till now. Balance life should consist of hardwork, good health, good financial and mental state as well as a balanced social circle of friends whom you haven’t and will not forget. I’ll be sticking to our guns for this 5 keys for 2009.

What’s yours for this year?

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