Laguna Park En Bloc Tender Unsuccessful

Laguna Park’s en bloc tender results are unsuccessful, according to Channel News Asia.

Laguna Park, East Coast
Laguna Park, East Coast

There were two interested party in the exercise bid, namely a local company which comprises of shareholders from Indonesia and a prominent local developer.

Credo, the appointed agency for Laguna’s en bloc project gave a brief breakdown of the two parties. The local company offering bid of 1.7 billion, far exceeding the reserved price of 1.2 billion, but pulled out its offer citing difficulties with the bankers to remit the funds to process in Singapore.

The second party, prominent local developer has expressed interest to settle on a bid price after negotiations with majority owners. The majority owners have about a month to enter into any private treaty deal before the collective sale agreement expires in December.

About Laguna Park

An ex-HUDC which was privatised in 2007, the 528-unit leasehold Laguna Park has a sprawling land size of about 677,493 sqft with a plot ratio of 2.8 (under the current Master Plan 2008) can build up to 36 storeys, subject to relevant approval from the URA.

Laguna Park Site Location

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