Singapore Government Regulating Real Estate Agents Soon

I think this is unevitable, especially with many criticisms and suggestions coming from the public in the recent months after the case of two unethical agents flipping their marketing unit without taking care of the principle’s interest.

Whenever discussions and complains come directly at the press especially ST Forums, the statutory boards will be acting quickly on them, which is a good thing. Recently MND Minister Mah Bow Tan and Senior Minister of State for Finance Lim Hwee Hua has mentioned to Parliament on the review of unscrupulous agents.

Now what will the government come out with to regulate Realtors? Will they work closely with SAEA or IEA? Will CEHA be compulsory?

Before they really come out with something firm, I’d wish they have a talk with most major agencies on what should be enforced to still encourage room for the growth and healthy competition¬†for the real estate market in Singapore.

Times are changing, and with regulatories stepping up to clean up the industry, only creame of the crop will be standing and giving their best to the customers they serve.

Rest assure things will happen really soon for Realtors in Singapore. A good thing isn’t it?

One thought on “Singapore Government Regulating Real Estate Agents Soon

  1. i think is a nonesense , most of the time we hear that a fault /offend had been committed , We can see that the largest and the big boy agency start to comment. But couldn’t they take a look at themselves . that most of the time is an agent from their company that did those things.

    Why are they talking too much. I think ,the authority should close them down.

    if any things need to to be regulated , if will only be fair for every one to have the chance to take the test of the trade, in regardless of their education background,whether they have o level or not ,whether,they have formal education or not ,every one should allow to participlate in the trade examination and given the chance to make a living .

    We cannot presume that those witout o level is stupid. Some had done better then those with high educational level .

    There alot of smart and highly intelligent person out there , let them practice what they like and allow them to apply for the examination


  2. I think the MND should consider carefully on regulating the real estate industry. There are thousands of experience real estate agents who have been in the industry for years and never sat for any exam and they are making a decent living out of it. It will be a pity if these agents are force to take an exam in order to practice as housing agent. I think many of them will drop out and thus deprive them of their livihood.

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