Singapore New Blueprint for Green Buildings By 2030

The Government has released a blueprint on the direction to go within the next 20-30 years for green buildings in Singapore. This is tied inconjunction with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) on its Green Mark Project started since January 2005.

BCA Green Mark

There’re a few tier standards in the Green Mark namely Gold, Gold PLUS and Platinum. You can refer to the chart from BCA here.

To encourage existing buildings to be stamped Green, BCA has roled out its second Master plan to offer cash incentives.

Free Gross Floor Area for Developers

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is working closely with BCA to offer bonus gross floor area (GFA) for new private developments, a huge bonus to developers, again being subjective to Development Charges on the bonus GFA.

The landscape for new business districts such as Marina Bay and Jurong Lake District is monitored closely as buildings will have to attain a certain level of rating.

Excerpt from The Straits Times

SINGAPORE’S policymakers have unveiled a sweeping blueprint, 15 months in the making, to help build a greener, more energy efficient and sustainable nation.  The $1 billion plan, to be implemented over the next five years, will change everything from the cityscape and landscape here, to the way Singaporeans live and the way businesses are run. If successful, it will make energy usage here more efficient, reduce pollution and expand the nation’s green spaces – even as the demand for resources rises along with economic growth…

More from Straits Times

All these initiatives will result in energy reduction cost savings by $1.6 billion a year and result in creation of more job professions for the new standards.

As a developed nation, the move would create sustainability and encourage a healthier landscape make-over in Singapore. The future of the country has not sway in the wrong direction and is still looking bright for global investors and our local people.

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