NUS Introduces Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI)

The National University of Singapore has developed a new index for Singapore residential homes on month-to-month price movements,


The National University of Singapore (“NUS”) Singapore Residential Price Index Series (“SRPI”) is a transactions-based index that tracks the month-on-month price movements of private non-landed residential properties in Singapore. Developed by a team of researchers at IRES, the SRPI provides a resource for the development of property derivatives that would help to expand the suite of financial products offered in Singapore, particularly in the context of obtaining exposure to and managing risks associated with the real estate market. It will also complement existing property information on the state of the residential market.

Currently, SRPI indexes are published in the form of value-weighted indexes. The SRPI is the index for the overall non-landed residential market in Singapore based on the whole SRPI property basket. Two sub-indexes are also produced for the Central and non-Central regions. The Central region sub-basket comprises properties within the overall SRPI basket located in Postal Districts 1 through 4 and 9 through 11 while properties in the other postal districts are in the non-Central region sub-basket.

This proves very useful as this index would not be lagging too much deriving from month to month transaction data. From the trends on the chart, you could see the direction is heading north.

For the latest update of the index, visit NUS SRPI website.

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