New Cooling Measure – Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty

Ministry of National and Development

Ministry of National Development has released a heavy cooling measure to curb residential property investments or speculations, with updates as follow:-

The Government announced today an Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD)to be imposed on certain categories of residential property purchases. The ABSD will be imposed over and above the current Buyer’s Stamp Duty, and will apply to the purchase price or market value of the property (whichever is higher) for the following purchases:

a) Foreigners and non-individuals[1] (corporate entities) buying any residential property will pay an ABSD of 10%;

b) Permanent Residents (PRs) owning one[2] and buying the second and subsequent residential property will pay an ABSD of 3%; and

c) Singapore Citizens (Singaporeans) owning two2 and buying the third and subsequent residential property will pay an ABSD of 3%.

The ABSD will take effect on 8 Dec 2011[3]. Remission of ABSD will be given for options granted on or before 7 Dec 2011 and exercised within 3 weeks (i.e. on or before 28 Dec 2011) or the option validity period, whichever is the earlier.

Official Source: MND Website

In Summary

All foreigners buying 1st residential property in Singapore will have to pay 13% Buyer’s Stamp Duty instead of the previous 3% (Additional 10%)

All Permanent Residents 1st residential property will still remain 3% and the 2nd one will be 6% Buyer’s Stamp Duty (Additional 3%)

All Singaporeans 1st and 2nd residential properties will remain at 3% and the subsequent ones to be at 6% Buyer’s Stamp Duty (Additional 3%)


This will dampen residential market strongly as foreign buying interest has always been very strong. That said, other property segments such as commercial and industrial should not be affected.

Written by Benson Koh
Benson is a professional real estate realtor with over 11 years of experience specializing in all forms of real estate consultancy and brokeraging of different segments from regal homes to commercial spaces. Also a boutique developer, he manages both SRI5000 Developments which concentrates on landed homes as part of his land bank segment and Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI), a real estate agency which has over 7 years of group experience. You can reach him here via various channels. [ Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | RSS Feed ]