5 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Landed Exhibition

Landed properties have been in focus after the cooling measures was introduced by the government this year. Since the measures, landed transactions has been picking up tremendously, with local investors seeking alternative channel as oppose to strata condominium area. There are many reasons to believe as well that the investors felt that there’s a disparity in terms of value between strata space and land prices. With such a strict supply of houses in Singapore, where could we empower ourselves to know more about this niche segment in the robust Singapore real estate market?

Getting Great Deals

As a prospective buyer or investor, you would be having houses ranging from inter terraces to detached houses available island-wide displayed right in front of you. You would be able to tell the price difference in different districts and tell whether you would be getting yourself a good deal.

Again depending on the landed exhibit, you might already have star buys identified for your easy reference.

Knowing More About Landed Homes

Apart from knowing the prices of different types of landed homes, you would be able to know more information should the exhibit have lessons or talks done by different specialty group, such as experience builders and architects who could cover the difference between Addition and Alteration (A&A), Reconstruction and Redevelopment.

You would be able to know the costing as well, and start your dream as an investor or even a developer managing your own land purchase.

Planning your Finances for Landed Homes

Financing is important in all aspects especially when it comes to property purchases. You would like to know what is your financing options like should you decide to purchase an old house to doll up, whether on A&A or reconstruction.

A proper landed exhibition would have teamed up with an experience senior banker to advice the requirements and possible type of loans which could be offered to you.

Looking out on Legal Obligations When Purchasing a Landed Home

Ah yes, legality when it comes to landed homes. Are there anything you should look out for before penning down the option money? Would you have to look out for possible illegal modification to the house? What are the pitfalls should you be shortchanged in terms of land size?

A well organized Landed exhibition would have a professional solicitor advising on such matters.

Free Buffet?

I think a proper landed exhibition should have nice finger food to go along when you are getting ample good knowledge from the experts as well as when you are spotting a possible great landed home buy. Of course that can’t be the primary reason why you should be there; or can it be?

Is there even such an event?

Hmm. Where can you find such an event which is packed with unbelievable good deals?

Oh wait! I think there’s an upcoming landed exhibition this coming Saturday on the 14th of July! Find out more here!

[block type=”notice”]Singapore ever first SRI5000 Landed Exhibition this coming Saturday on the 14th of July 2012 10:00 at 37 Jalan Pemimpin, Clarus Centre #01-02A

SRI5000 Landed Exhibition – a landed expert exchange where great potential deals are made


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