Square Foot – A New Contender Tool in Singapore Property Analysis

Squarefoot is relatively new and yet it has been buzzing the Realtor’s arena as the new kid on the block which delivers property data putting itself in the ranks of StreetSine which has a more mature Singapore Realtors’ market share. What makes Square Foot tick?

Interesting Data

Shoebox yo?

Under market watch, you would be able to check out the trends on the shoebox units (definition: units less than 500sqft) in the market which is of interest to many property investors as of late on how they are doing, prior and after the TOP status on their annualized gains. You have interesting details such as returned units in the market, where such data is rarely available. This would give a more accurate forecast of the actual units which is being sold in a primary market as depicting whether the units are fully sold out (whether phases of their marketing is really doing well since you can get a good picture of how many units are returned back)

Innovative Way of Presenting Data

Square Foot has many variety of presenting transaction prices, trends in different angles. The ones which I highlight below are those which I find them very exciting to present,

Tower View

Prices in PSF are blurred, but you can see the trend with a bird’s eye view within the development.

A glimpse of what’s going on in Ascentia Sky, where its a single block and the prices are depicted with the size in a tower format. This is great for presentation as well as making investing decision when it comes to a particular development.

Street Drive By

Street Drive By mode by Squarefoot

If you’re keen in a particular road when you’re driving along to know what prices is done in each projects when you are passing by them on your left or right, this presents a very interesting way to look at the prices, last done as well as how much does it cost comparing neighbor to neighbor. The above shows what happens when you are driving by Bukit Timah Road.

Here’s a full range sample report from Square Foot which you might be able to understand the data which it crunches and present. They’re extremely useful for investors who needs delicate numbers to make investing decision in a particular property. There are a lot more interesting data and ways to deal with any particular property (you can even sort them out in stacks if you are a condo Realtor), I’ll leave it to you to explore to sign up with them if you are keen.

As the market matures, all these tools will benefit the consumers in the long run as they innovate to present transparency. Both Streetsine and Squarefoot are two different products in which aids me in my work on presenting and proposing to my investors, and there could be no comparison grid between them.

What would be nice

Singaporeans tsk. Always not contented with what we have lol. These are suggestions coming from the floor which could improve the subscribers’ experiences with Square Foot,

  • An Andriod/iPhone app would be good if they would allow users to access the data quickly through their smartphones.
  • The site is a little heavy as I understand data has to be sorted out and presented through programming algorithm, if the codes can be optimized for the data to be presented a little wee bit faster, it would be nice.
  • More research reports :P
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Want a Free Squarefoot Account?

If you happen to be an existing Realtor who wishes to explore a brand new team, look out for me as I am always looking for good people. Apart from free Squarefoot subscription from our agency SLP Realty, my division SRI5000 has more tools up our sleeves to make you produce and deliver!



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