The Team SRI5000 Realtor’s Experience

People have been asking me questions about SRI5000 and what is it really all about as a group in an established real estate firm like SLP, a strong leader in commercial and light industrial launches.

I would simply just ask them to add myself or any of our SRI5000 Team Realtors as a friend on Facebook to have a first hand experience of the spirit and the nature behind an outstanding team force in the Singapore real estate industry.

The Mentors

Every team members are mentors in SRI5000

Its scary but true. Everybody is a mentor in SRI5000. Even as an experience Realtor, you have people who are joining us having creative plays in their marketing and their closings which is refreshing since I am constantly learning from the group which has never stopped evolving.

You have a great different classes of Realtors here, with mentors who are good in the luxury residential segment, the landed, the commercial and light industrial, the mass market segment and even the hotelier segments for you to reference and understand the current market and trending, in which is important especially for new agents who would like to start off in the more trendy and informed market.

The Culture

SRI5000 Fly Kites you know?

As SRI5000 grows stronger in strength (we’re a natural magnet unfortunately, and it happens not the way that we wanted it to be), you’ll be quite attracted by the type of energy and respect that everyone has for one another. Of course, different clicks are generally formed within the group as well just like how friendship bonds evolve, and you could see friendly competitions racing one another in earnings yet still maintaining the selfless culture of helping one another. Everyone seems to be just a shoulder tap away.

Even many experienced agents who has been in the industry for awhile who joins SRI5000 agrees that the culture here is admirable and are really encouraged by the fact that everyone shares their knowledge and lends a hand when anyone needs it.

The Support

Online and viral marketing has always been strong in SRI5000 since the beginning evolving to different kinds of platform marketing. The Team is constantly trained in accepting different forms of marketing as compared to your conventional Straits Times ads, which puts a toll to most Realtor’s pocket mostly.

Meetings done secretly on a weekly basis in micro groups (shh!) to keep track of each and individual’s progress, having a bigger corporate picture is helpful since everyone would like to know that they are on the right track whilst sharing their portfolio of to-dos.

SRI5000 offers a unique system which no other groups in other agencies have, in which supporting both internal teamwork as well as external global marketing, namely the Desktop and Globe series which has both grown in versions on added functions. Talking about being unique and doing things differently, woot!

Its All About The Experience…

As we grow bigger in numbers and grow stronger in our group branding and closings, we are molded to enjoy the process of personal achievements along the way. We are sure of our culture, our believes as well as knowing we will grow rich and happy together as a group.

Its all about the experience stands our tagline, and it will be the way that our customers will enjoy building their values with us too.

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