An Open Letter to Marina One

Dear Marina One,

I wish you would have been launched at the time when the loans are easier, at least I know I could leverage myself better to get at least a yummy 1-bedroom unit which you have meticulously designed for any future tenants which I could host. Generous Miele suite for all kitchen appliances, V+S sanitary ware, good size white volaka marble slabs, and even a cute walk-in wardrobe for the 1-bedrooms. Not to mention you have balconies! *sigh* Wish your 1-bedrooms would have a more undesirable facing but almost all of them would be facing a well taken care landscaped HUGE indoor garden of almost 65,000sqft!

1-bedroom showflat at actual site in Marina One
1-bedroom showflat at actual site in Marina One

I feel jealous when most of the units are snapped up so quickly when you’ve decided to price yourself so fairly especially for the low floor units. I wouldn’t mind snapping up at least one if you would have allowed me to take my loan from the banks. The TDSR is killing almost all of us who fell in love with you. You have disappointed not only me, but many whom have tried talking to the bank and failed to get an in-principal approval. I’ve seen even foreigners wouldn’t mind paying the extra 15% and many of my fellow countrymen who already has more than 2 properties paying 10% on top of their stamp duties just to own at least one of you.

You have a way with your location; I have nothing to complain about with 4 MRT connectivity lines right below me, not to mention with Grade-A offices just in the premise, connection to the Marina Bay Link Mall at the basement and parks just on the ground for my perusal. I definitely wouldn’t mind paying for season parking here since I know everyone else is paying at least 400 singapore dollars for a carpark in the area.

A tower kept just for sale after TOP? Only you can do that! I mean the rest of the other developers would have trouble doing this since they would fall under QC rules to sell out within 2 years after construction. That would also mean I’m sure you would protect your pricing and slowly sell them out, be it for a good or bad market :(

I’m quite sure by the time you are ready, my eyes would be green with envy. I have still so many things to talk about you, but let me just stop here since I don’t want to sound like I lost a limb since I can’t get a piece of you :( Congratulations on having a winning product launched with such an impressive take up rate even in such a buyer’s market.

Benson K

ps. This is meant to be a parody and in no way meant to have M+S attention on me.

pps. Well done M+S!

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