Difference between Cloud Storages & Evernote

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SRI5000 SLP Realty, Benson Koh training on Evernote 101 - The Basics.
SRI5000 SLP Realty, Benson Koh training on Evernote 101 – The Basics.

After a training for my agency SLP Realty earlier in the morning and I think these snippets are pretty useful to share as they are common questions to which Dropbox, Google Drive users would normally ask in terms of how they manage their cases and productivity. There are also several other pointers which I brought out which is important in order for Evernote to be useful to you.

Evernote vs Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Drive, SkyDrive (Whatever you can think of)

Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Drive, Sky Drive are cloud services which offers online backups. Although they are useful and many swears by organizing their database cleanly so that it becomes effective, it was never meant to be a planning tool.

In my context, Evernote is a Note-taking Cloud Service, it allows you to plan, and search for things effectively and efficiently. Cutting a lot of downtime on “looking” for things, allows you to follow up, as well as index every part of your life in a fun way which the above doesn’t.

So should I use Evernote completely and ditch the rest?

No. They are solely for different purposes. For sure whatever you have built over a period of time is always more powerful than starting something new. That’s why you can start Evernote TODAY, and have your computer and document backups still in Cloud Storages. They’re not call backup storages for nothing.

Making a difference in Productivity for Real Estate (or anything else) with Evernote

In Order for you to be a Jedi-Master, you have to yield your light sabre everyday. To be habitual it must be FUNATTRACTIVE and INTUITIVE. Evernote fulfils all aspects of these 3 attributes + its for PRODUCTIVITY. Use it everyday! :-)

Starting Small

Register a free account with Evernote. Dump all your notes into Default notebook first (Miscellaneous) and try out the search function and go ooo.. and ahhh! Then slowly move the notes to new notebooks which are relevant. (Again, you’re messy, no one has to know)

Having it work for you everyday. Place the Elephant icon in everywhere you use it


My iPhone, my Mac Book, my Desktops at work and home all have the Evernote icon easily accessible. They’re one reason why data gets sucked into my account quickly.

Using Email Forwarding

This is one heavy function that I use daily to forward listings and information via email to have them in the account. As a Realtor, I think it’s good to keep in touch of what and who is selling and have them in somewhere fast and accessible. This would correspond quickly to instant knowledge bank which information could be immediately accessible via the search box.

Using Clipper/Evernote Clearly to clip articles

I like the intuition when Evernote Clearly clips the articles from the web. It is almost 100% accurate on the Notebooks which it places the articles. Use Evernote Clearly for easy reading of clips on your account

Using Apps to scan or a scanner to scan documents

For myself, I indulged in Scansnap for Evernote to scan my documents, cards and receipts. But honestly, you do not need it as plain phone camera would work wonders. Have the documents placed in a properly lighted area and start snapping with your phone. You could use apps like Genius Scan to assist, or the in-house Evernote document camera mode to have a more crisp document image capture.

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