SRI5000 Sets Record in Pebble Bay at $1,501psf

The Edge property had just featured this transaction. SRI5000 is responsible for the closed sale and is proud to acknowledge it. People would call it a challenging market but with a great profile client whom take our advice seriously and with the right network of buyers and co-operative colleagues from the industry, this was done properly.

You can read more about it in The Edge here.

Connexion at Farrer Park Spices Up Little India

Little India is transforming. With Connexion at Farrer Park live in action, the area has generally became a specialised care area for the privileged. I was having a meal at Sushi Jin (A part of the Les Amis Group) yesterday and had time to slowly walk around to appreciate the brand new white site building (URA MP2013), which is right next Farrer Park MRT Station exit.


Location of Connexion

connexion location

Modern and posh, this place has the mark of a well planned development and built for long term growth. Spaces were well carved for all the facilities and amenities of a medical hub, including both a medical centre & a hospital. The car park spaces are huge and the easements are wide for any emergencies for the hospitals. Continue reading “Connexion at Farrer Park Spices Up Little India”

Rents Heading South – What Should Landlords be Doing?

If you own a residential property and have bought it for pure rental investment, you would be a little dismay reading the recent articles on Straits Times and Business Times should it be your turn in renewing or to look for new tenants.

If your tenant has signed with you just recently, don’t be amused if he comes knocking at your door to ask for rental adjustments.

Now with all the turmoils that Landlords might be facing with Tenants, given the current outgoing expatriate market, and with brand new supplies coming up, what should Landlords really do in order to sail through this period of crisis?

If it’s Tenanted..

Stay Put

This would be the best case scenario should your tenant’s job be secured or should the company that has signed lease with you have not door knocked your way for a discount. Congratulations.

Rental Negotiations

According to some of my existing expatriate tenants, many have taken the initiative to ask for a rent adjustments due to a reduction in salary or company budget for their leases in Singapore.

It’s not an obligation but a goodwill gesture to listen to your tenant’s request as a good Landlord for a long term relationship.

Assuming your tenant has been a good occupant that hasn’t been given you any trouble for the number of months that he has paid his rental, you can consider his plea; alternatively, if he haven’t been one, you can take the chance to force him out should he default on the rental.

Again, should there be any adjustment, you can base on reducing a small percentage or base on the current market rental rates by comparing similar properties in the same development.

If it’s Unfortunately Not..


It’s a good time for you to do some renovation depending on your property’s condition. It’s a tough market out there for contractors now so you might be able to get someone to touch up your apartment at a good rate.

If you are having a new apartment which has just gotten TOP (Temporary Occupancy Permit), you can consider doing up the apartment to stand out from your competitors in the same project.

Rental’s Insurance

This option is not available yet as Jardine Lloyd Thompson and QBE Insurance Group is still working on the details, but this is one you can look into if you’re thinking the premium is worth the protection.

Getting a Responsible and Effective Realtor to Market

Have your regular Realtor do a good job in this down market. Listen to what advice that he/she has to offer, and award the Realtor an exclusive if they’re determined to push your unit for you.

The commission that you’re paying for will definitely be worth the money in the long run during the introductory, the settling down of your new Tenant, the duration of your Tenant’s stay and finally the handing over of the apartment back to you.

Well Maintained Yishun HDB For Rental

A beautifully maintained, fully furnished, 4 room HDB apartment in Yishun is available for rental. The owner did a great job maintaining this cosy place.

The Living Room, Well-lit and Cosy
A very clean and well maintained flat

I have posted this out for rental at Myoochi, PropertyGuru, Singapore Property Exchange, ST701 (That’s a number of sites we’re going to review soon!)

The Living Room, Well-lit and Cosy
The Living Room, cosy and definitely well lit. Furnishing with a 32″ Samsung LCD TV, Surround Sound.

Well Maintained Kitchen, Clean and Spacious
Well Maintained and Very Spacious Kitchen

One of the Common Room
One of the Common Room

Another Common Room
Another Common Room

Interested parties can give my mobile a call at 91253045, or even drop me an email at for a no obligation discussion and viewing too. Cheers!