RSS Updates Explained

Have you been faithfully reading The Straits Times/ Wall Street Journal and watching the news on TV/ listening to the radio for your news update? Have you ever skipped a bit? Yea I know, the usual yada yada stuffs.

“I’m too busy”

“I can’t wake up in time for the news, sleep is precious”

“It’s expensive to buy papers”


Introducing Really Simple Syndication (RSS), your friend to keeping up with site updates, daily news and even your secret crush’s blog all under one roof.

What is RSS?

RSS is a simple technology that allows you to subscribe to supported sites for no-frill reading updates. RSS syndication are usually known as ‘feeds’ to most. To subscribe to a feed means you will be enrolling yourself to the site’s update with your RSS reader as known as RSS aggregator. If you see any of these icons below familiar, it usually means the site supports RSS.

RSS icons
RSS icons

RSS Readers? RSS Aggregators? G’uh?

There are many different types of readers that is available for your reading pleasure in the form of a program, a site that allows you to compile everything or even a browser that supports RSS feeds.

For starters and if you already have a Google account, Google Reader is a good place to start. The more popular RSS reader sites include the former mentioned, Bloglines and My Yahoo! for RSS aggregator sites.

Softwares can be a choice as well. Personally I’m using Microsoft Outlook for my feeds for now, previously GreatRSS Reader was doing really good for me. A good list of RSS Readers can be found here.

How to Subscribe to a Feed or RSS?


If you see this icon or something which is similar on the site, click on it. It should bring you to a summarized or a full RSS version of the site with options allowing you to subscribe to it.

You can then choose the RSS reader that you are using if it is available in the options.

Alternatively you can cut and paste the feed URL onto your usual reader and have it subscribed.

A Short Video on RSS

Internet: Useful Tips: RSS In Plain English

This video basically sums up what should you be doing ages ago to save time and money on news updates. RSS 101 I say.

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And if you need help in RSS, you can always contact me ;)

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