Far East’s Skyline at Orchard Boulevard Previews

Far East’s most luxury brand, Inessence has launched Skyline at Orchard for private preview. Since Inessence is their creme de la creme and just like their other Inessence products, they sell white plans for Skyline at Orchard.

The Inessence Brand

Every Inessence residence shares four uncompromising qualities: the most prime of locations in and around the famous shopping and lifestyle destinations of Singapore, a unique design from a master architect, thoughtfulness in space and details, and unprecedented levels of personalisation and bespoke customisation.

What Are White Plans?

Blank plans. Or allow-yourself-to-custom-your-home plans. You have a choice to take their recommended layout, or with the help from their qualified people, ink your own layout based on your lifestyle. Not only in your layouts, you get to pick and customize the finishes and fittings.
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