Allgreen’s Viva is 87% Sold

viva - artiste impression

The official launch of Viva at Novena was on last Friday, where many units were already sold during the preview. Today, Viva is officially 87% sold, with 204 out of 235 snapped up by buyers.

Buyers recognizes the value of the project attributed mostly to its prime locality just right next to United Square. It’s also less congested among the other projects found in the vicinity. There are 3 main selling factors to the project:-

  1. Location
  2. Very functional layout (Good size)
  3. Quality Finishing

What is left after today?

Till date, what is remaining are:-

Download the latest updated Viva sold units here.

To book the last remaining Viva units, (or at least find out about the price) call me at (+65) 9125 3045 now to avoid disappointment.

Viva Condominium Launch Frequently Asked Questions


As with other new launch projects from Knight Frank, I thought it would be nice for a last minute (very unfortunately) would be asked questions about the upcoming Viva relaunch

What’s the discount I’m expecting if I’m buying?

The discounts from the list price is as follow depending on the schema that you take for the purchase:-

  • By Normal Progressive Scheme, you get a 10% off the listed price
  • By Interest Absorption Rate, you get a 8% off the listed price
  • By Deferred Payment Scheme, you get a 7% off the listed price

Finishing? Is it good?

Great! I’ve seen the things that they are throwing in. You’d love the Miele kitchen if you’re a kitchen person (washer and dryer not included though). The fridges are integrated and makes the whole seemed blending.

White marble for your flooring gives a very clean and elegant look; in fact it brightens up the whole apartment.

Very functional layouts too.

When is the Temporary Occupancy Permit going to be issued?

Estimated in June 2013.

What’s the status of the construction?

They’re currently laying the foundation, so be expect for your mortgage to start kicking in at the 10% level as the foundation should be finishing soon.

When is the actual launch?

The actual launch will be on the 8th of August 2009. Co-broke agents are welcomed to liaise with us.

How many units were actually sold?

As of some latest news update, a total of 58 units were snapped up.

What are units sold? And what will be released for tomorrow?

Refer to the elevation chart here (might not be the latest, but keep looking as I’ll try my best to give you the latest). All stacks are released from level 05 to 09, level 14 to 16 and both level 24 and 25.

Is there going to be a side gate? Where is it going to be?

There will be one side gate that opens up directly for you to walk to United Square.

What road will the main entrance be facing?

Your main entrance will be from Suffolk Walk. Thomson Road is a busy road. Besides, it’s a cul-de-sac (no through road), giving some exclusivity to developments along Suffolk Walk.

What is the price going to be like?

We’re expecting a median range of at least $1,500 per square foot for most units.

I’m interested in the Penthouse or the Sky-suites, how come I cannot find the layouts from your brochure?

Contact me and I’ll send it to you separately.

Err where’s the layouts and brochure download?

Do refer to the blog entry for Viva here.

Who should I be contacting to book my units in Viva for priority?

Any of your Knight Frank agents to get into tomorrow’s preview. Or else any of your preferred agents to the main launch on Saturday. We co-broke :-)

If any buyers who wants to get into the preview tomorrow on Friday have no one to bring you in, you may contact me at +65 91253045.