SRI Focuses On Customers Engagement Amidst COVID19

As the world and our nation seeks to combat COVID19, SRI battles alongside with you. We seek to be socially responsible amidst the uncertainty and hope to still do as much as possible for our community. Recently we have distributed over 1,000 packs of COVID19 prevention packs to the less privilege families around our office areas, and we hope to be able to do more.

In view of doing things differently, we have long been embracing technology for fundamental and technical trainings and as such disruption on our operations will be minimum. 

We are confident of our local real estate market as the fundamentals supports both the rental and sale volumes. Unfortunately viewings will definitely be disrupted as we combat xenophobia as well as genuine fear for safety. We conduct checks to ensure our viewers profile and contact tracing profile is safe before our clients get to view your apartment with your consent. Also, if that isn’t an option, we could always do a 360 virtual/video tour so we could show the property’s potential before any commitment.

Our consumer seminars will continue in live streaming mode where you can tune in from anywhere at the comfort of your space to understand on price actions and investors behaviour by our Managing Partner Ken Low

We are also trained to engage you in case you would require any attention to your property needs be it purchase, sale or rental requirements via video conferencing tools available so you would have a peace of mind.

Let us know any real estate advisory is needed and trust that we will ride this through this interesting times together.

SRI Announces Capital Market Team and New Verticals

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Low Choon Sin as head of capital markets. Choon Sin will oversee as Managing Partner, in a newly formed company SRI capital markets (SRI CM) offering comprehensive real estate and asset management solutions to valued clients.

Choon Sin brings to SRI close to a decade of real estate experience, with his previous role in CBRE Capital Market where he spent 9 years as an investment sales broker. He has been involved and brokered $1.78 billion of commercial properties and $1.85 billion of residential land sales, including collective sale sites. He has sold an office floor in Prudential Tower for $32.7 million and 2 redevelopment lands at No. 2 and 21 Cavan Road for $53 million this year.

Also on board the capital market team is Harvey Chia, having served in similar roles with JLL for 4 years and Colliers for 2 years. He has also worked in both Citibank and UOB, providing real estate investment advisory to high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and property equity funds.

SRI CM will operate in a newly secured office space in Asia Square, a prime address providing a conducive ground with proximity to clients making it the choice location to embark on real estate business activities.

Tony Koe, Managing Director at SRI shares, “Prior to the new additions, SRI has been actively involved in the collective sale scene under the care of Andy Gan whom has spent numerous years in Credo and Colliers. Andy has been instrumental in our successful collective sale at Olina Lodge last year.”

“We are excited to have Choon Sin and Harvey on board in our expansion of the capital market team. Collectively, the team bring along solid track records as investment brokers and are widely recognised in the industry. We believe Choon Sin’s appointment will further strengthen and intensify SRI’s growing presence in investment sales alongside with the team.”

Choon Sin, Andy and Harvey all hold honours degree in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore.

SRI brokered the collective sales of Olina Lodge to Peak Opal, a unit of property developer Kheng Leong last year at S$230.9 million. The team has also recently represented the buyer in the S$17.8 million purchase of an industrial building at Ubi Road 4.

Why SRI makes sense for an experienced Realtor

In one of our Enrich sessions

Bruce Lye and I have greatly benefited from the environment which we were in since 2009 working together as a division in another real estate agency before creating what we believe could continue to forward our people in Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI)


"Location is not bad la not bad!"
“Location is not bad la not bad!”

SRI’s office is located currently in 66 Eng Watt Street #01-06, Tiong Bahru. The consideration for the venue of business has been carefully planned before inception. From its open concept area to its cheerful pantry environment, we believe that an open environment breeds communication. Loads of chic eatery places, great coffee baristas and local food all within walking distance. Last but not the least, no car park issues!

With SRI’s office, the elite realtors can commute quickly to areas which we have a strong foothold in, whether in Central Business District(CBD) which is just 10 minutes drive away, or prime districts such as Orchard, Newton, Bukit Timah which is merely 5 – 15 minutes distance. Time savings. Time is money.

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In Response to SRI5000 splitting away from SLP International

We are happy to be featured in The Edge on being the next upcoming realty agency, with mainly people whom have been with us for the past 6 years. As the article mentioned, our office is at Tiong Bahru, the quaint place which is full of old charm and great food.

You can read more about the article here at The Edge.

I’d like to touch on the headline since it could spin off as something which might carry some negative thoughts to either SRI5000 or SLP International. Reading the article might shed better light as the full article is very neutral in standing.

It was an amicable split that we do things our way to the best of our abilities to give and bring the best to our realtors. We have no affiliation with SLP Realty, SLP International or ZACD with our new setup. Citing our differences, we still wish them the best in their future endeavours.

A New Start with Singapore Realtors Inc

Winning together is important isn't it?

It’s coming close to 10 years embarking this journey.

Remembering the time when things were simpler, the consistent struggle as an individual; the happiness and disappointments when I first started out in team building. The adrenaline rush when closing the first deal, the satisfaction of seeing my clients happily settling down with their homes and garnering property returns in the long haul still excites me till this day.

With the formation of SRI5000 from the blessings of my former team in Knight Frank and a stroke of fate in a penthouse sale, Bruce Lye and I thereafter came together in SLP Empire (now known as SLP Realty) where we then had the chance to work with many great people. We are still counting our blessings.

People always ask us how did we maintain the bond so tightly for such a long time. It’s really an open secret. With the hard and the good times that a team stays together, forging a bond that could withstand the test of time. You have people that’s willing to give, you would receive in aplenty. You take care of the circle around you and the circle takes care of the ones that’s around them. It’s just plain karma at work.

Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI) embeds the spirit of the group’s vigor and tight friendship, with the willingness to share and assist one another be it in good or bad times. The pivotal reason to have make the decision with Bruce was to ensure that everyone that we cared for have a place where we can continue to grow and learn together. Veteran Tony Koe whom I’ve known for a decade who knows exactly how to run an excellent agency with his experience and with our combined vision of achieving a good ratio of quality versus quantity for our elites in the industry, there’s a high level of confidence that this is another milestone that has yet to cast.

Also not forgetting a strong support from Legalworks that the elites enjoy a peace of mind when assisting their clients and Nick Tan, our current KEO who has been actively participating in growing. Last but not the least, the strong iron fist administrative support from Angeline Quek and Rose Khoo, whom has already forged their bonds with the team years back.

Moving ahead, our people would be seeing more and more initiatives as we have already etched them to SRI’s work plan. As of current, it’s already very encouraging to see our elites embracing new changes quickly such as using new tech work chat, and enrolling in crash courses for foreign language like Bahasa Indonesia. With blessings with all my friends, clients and colleagues, I’m already on the sunny side and it’s time to win together :) After all, it’s all about the experience…

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