Why SRI makes sense for an experienced Realtor

Bruce Lye and I have greatly benefited from the environment which we were in since 2009 working together as a division in another real estate agency before creating what we believe could continue to forward our people in Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI)


"Location is not bad la not bad!"
“Location is not bad la not bad!”

SRI’s office is located currently in 66 Eng Watt Street #01-06, Tiong Bahru. The consideration for the venue of business has been carefully planned before inception. From its open concept area to its cheerful pantry environment, we believe that an open environment breeds communication. Loads of chic eatery places, great coffee baristas and local food all within walking distance. Last but not the least, no car park issues!

With SRI’s office, the elite realtors can commute quickly to areas which we have a strong foothold in, whether in Central Business District(CBD) which is just 10 minutes drive away, or prime districts such as Orchard, Newton, Bukit Timah which is merely 5 – 15 minutes distance. Time savings. Time is money.

Forward Thinking

The SRI Management Team
SRI Management Team, from left Benson Koh, Nick Tan, Tony Koe, Tricia Teo, Bruce Lye

The management team that is with SRI has not only a wealth of experience in the agency field, they have their own accolades on their own and a long list of merits. These people knows what is required to run an agency effectively, and with the open office environment, they work hand in hand with the realtors in the office taking live feedbacks on their initiatives.

Apart from their day to day presence in the office, their different roles play a part mainly on growing opportunities for our people, from Business Development on special projects, engaging the Developers whom provides opportunities and creating new niche business operations which make sense to the elite realtors.

Oh yes, they benchmark ahead with projects which even includes technological advancement and implementations on them too. They are marvel characters each on their own with superpowers! One of the noticeable implementation as of this year is that we’re allowing our Realtors to attend to briefings and lessons via online wherever they are, serving them conveniences and allowing flexibility on lifelong learning.

The administrative support team consistently look at realtors’ workflow to improve their experiences, not to mention being extremely helpful and personal. Everyone is forward thinking and continue to value add to our strong team.

Owners Are Realtors; We Are What You Are!

The owners are realtors. This is a strong signal to the market that we create a class which we can excel in and know exactly what we are doing. We know what we need and we create the environment to fit us. SRI constantly benchmark ourselves against the top 5 and we’re proud to say most of us who are at the top of the charts are definitely on par if not better on results. Also as a Realtor owned agency, SRI is never under pressure to generate company profits; we focus on doing things right.

Active Realtors

SRI also have one of the highest active ratio vs passive agents in the industry. This means having many opportunities of discussions and internal collaborations. Of course it makes sense that our median income per Realtor is one of the highest in the industry. Our research shows that we’re 4.7 times more than one of the top Singapore agencies in terms of per realtor income till date.

The Trainings

Alvin Lee, one of our mentor - and that's how its being done folks!
Alvin Lee, one of our mentor – and that’s how its being done folks!

Attend one of our Mentor’s lessons and you’ll realize they’re well crafted, no run-of-the-mill and have relevance to the market practices. The mentors are passionate about sharing, keeping nothing behind on their own craft and nudges up our professional ethics. Lessons such as even professional photography, ways to be more productive on time, clients management and creative marketing are crucial to differentiate our practices.

Quick briefings are also part of our forte, with market trend spotting and opportunities hunting. These are never spared as SRI understands very well the opportunity cost for her realtors.

We go all in.

The Experience Combined is Amazing

You might have seen us in publications and news very often as SRI broker deals which are usually media worthy. From record breaking DBSS price in Bishan, multiple units moved in Leedon Residence to bungalows sales in Sentosa Cove. All these news are just for 2017. We haven’t been filing our records since 2009.

The Environment To Grow and Our People

Winning together is important isn't it?
Winning together is important isn’t it?

The sharing environment is unique to the market when we started. It got even better as more like minded people joins the circle. Ask questions, answers are quick. Getting support is swift and collaborations as mentioned before has never been faster. The bubble also encourages quick learning, adhering to an already apparent culture that we have. Of course SRI is always looking forward to more like minded people who could join us to experience this. It is difficult to even put a proper description on the goodness that this place breeds. Milo peng maybe?

Needless to say, we are extremely proud of our realtors. It’s because of whom we are, our identities in the market are unique. It is because of what we do, that’s the reason why we continue to pursue to be different and make sense in our business.

Call Us! Coffee Is ALWAYS Free!

Ah don't worry? Your coffee I pay!
Ah don’t worry? Your coffee I pay!

With respect to the top few realtor companies in Singapore, SRI is always learning from them to improve. We have our own unique practices to differenciate ourselves professionally too and we don’t exactly compete as most of us are in niche segments, thus reaffirms our own footing in the industry. We are extreme no-frill, no-nonsense.

If you are exploring to have a fresh environment which consist of strong Realtors with a vast of proven experience and having the best sharing platform, why not give any of your SRI friends a call? Rest assure coffee is always on us and give us a chance to show you how you can start strong and win together :)

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