Thoughts on Propnex and DWG merger

Recently, the two homegrown agencies Propnex and DWG has joined force to become the biggest real estate agency to overtake ERA in terms of number of realtors in Singapore. This news has caused ruckus in mockery for both of them, at least in my opinion.

My father in law asked me over dinner. Friends from different industries talked about it during coffee. I rolled eyes.

The media focused, invited Propnex to Channel 8 news and Mr Lim was commenting on changes that could improve consumer’s habits. The papers coverage, the online authoritarian news channels.

I rolled eyes again.

The fact is that it is not going to affect consumers using either brands (or the three of them, for the matter of fact) for their property marketing or purchasing. It’s great Propnex is becoming the largest agency in Singapore. I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart; but does it really matter that much?

Not that we’re in the position to comment, I’ve always admire how the big agencies manage to impart and love their people so well with their massive numbers. SRI is always learning from you guys every step along the way.

But what upsets me is the exchange in social media. I saw unnecessary dissing between fellow colleagues, humorous exchanges of heated discussions, mocking. It’s upsetting and uncalled for.

Focus on what matters

Before I roll my eyes to its whites again, what really matters now is that since these are companies decisions, the salespeople on the ground would be deciding whether to stick to their new designated planned move or still decide to shift elsewhere. Real estate agencies play the musical chair every year when renewal period happens, so numbers will change from time to time.

On consumers’ impressions, the effectiveness and the integrity of the individual salesperson counts way more than the brand they carry (sorry to burst the bubble, you guys know too).

The brand only shines when you have more of those qualities that I have mentioned earlier. Numbers do play a part, but quality really counts. How many real estate salespeople really love what they do and conducts their business passionately is of utmost importance.

So stop making a fuss. Focus on your people. The market is moving quickly now with land sales on GLS and en bloc news, these merger news on the other doesn’t add up to anything.

Focus. One last round of eye rolling, hopefully*

ps. We still love you ERA & Propnex!

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