Don’t Call SPH on Friday If You’re Placing Your Ad For Weekends!

SPH CATS, our good friend that makes the most out of Realtors placing ads everyday has revamped the section numberings and ad placings to keep in line with readers.

ALSO, at the same time, they’ve made it a point that if you call on a Friday to place ads on Saturday and Sunday, you’d be incurring an additional of $1 per line. WOOT! I suppose that’s a good way to tackle the endless and countless calls that’s coming on a Friday for Saturday and Sunday ads, but its darn expensive.

I’ve got 3 ads on Saturday for 4 liners, which means an additional of $12.00 added to SPH’s account. Cha ching!

Remember, don’t call on Friday to place ads my fellow Realtor friends.

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