Another Realtor’s Tool For Those Who Drive – Motorpay

Yes it costs about $1 – $2 extra a month, but I would think it’s better for you to keep track of your ERP spendings rather than aimlessly topping up your cashcard on a regular basis and missing out paying your gantries to suffer fines! Introducing Motorpay, your Electronic Road Pricing tracking & paying ticket.

The Requirements

You’ll need a Singapore registered car, a valid working credit card (DBS Mastercard preferred for free subscription for 6 months), and a working IU (I’m pretty sure the IU is working, else you can’t pay your tariffs can’t you?)

Registration is easy. You’ll enter your mobile number, and some funky automated system would give you a call to provide you with an access number for verification.

Get your IU ID from the side of your IU (white sticker with 10 digits) ready. Register with the necessary information and wait for approval (takes about 3 days).

Ahaa! Here you go, pass through gantries like you’ve never cared about your cash card balance before and track ’em down.

track your erp charges
track your erp charges

Now no longer pay $10 administrative fines and keep track of your road tariffs to LTA ;)

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