No More Heading to the Gym in the Morning

Especially during the peak hours. I didn’t know it’s so serious until I kicked off the car to head towards Mount Faber SAFRA to fully utilise the EnergyOne membership I have. Being health conscious in Singapore isn’t easy, especially when it starts off with the travelling to sweat.

The Journey

First gantry, $1.00 towards PIE (PIE after Kallang Bahru on Woodsville Flyover), that’s fine *accelerates.

Second gantry $3.50 towards CTE (PIE into CTE). $3.50!? I know people who crosses ERP on daily charges of up to almost $20.00 a day for a stretch and sympathize with them, but you’ll have to experience it real-time to feel the pain.


Track your ERP Spendings

Sign up for Motorpay to keep track of your ERP spendings and to avoid spending on $10.00 administrative fees of insufficient cashcard fund.

Do your planning before you head out if you’re always on the road.Or better still, gym at 7am to avoid the ERP charges.

Another Realtor’s Tool For Those Who Drive – Motorpay

Yes it costs about $1 – $2 extra a month, but I would think it’s better for you to keep track of your ERP spendings rather than aimlessly topping up your cashcard on a regular basis and missing out paying your gantries to suffer fines! Introducing Motorpay, your Electronic Road Pricing tracking & paying ticket.

The Requirements

You’ll need a Singapore registered car, a valid working credit card (DBS Mastercard preferred for free subscription for 6 months), and a working IU (I’m pretty sure the IU is working, else you can’t pay your tariffs can’t you?)

Registration is easy. You’ll enter your mobile number, and some funky automated system would give you a call to provide you with an access number for verification.

Get your IU ID from the side of your IU (white sticker with 10 digits) ready. Register with the necessary information and wait for approval (takes about 3 days).

Ahaa! Here you go, pass through gantries like you’ve never cared about your cash card balance before and track ’em down.

track your erp charges
track your erp charges

Now no longer pay $10 administrative fines and keep track of your road tariffs to LTA ;)

Bad News for Singapore Realtors – ERP Rates Up Again

Just when you think inflation is the one doing the bad work. LTA has just announced an increase in ERP gantries along key areas and increased gantry rates.

Singapore ERP Rates Up by 7th July 2008
Photo credit: Khalid Saad

Key date: July 7th 2008
Key rate increase: $0.50 to $2.00

There’re a total of 65 gantries and almost half of the numbers’ prices will be adjusted. 5 new gantries will be built and there will be 5 new gantries along the Singapore River.

Key Most Expensive Timings to enter ERP: 6pm – 7.30pm along selected ERP Gantries/ Saturdays from 12.30pm -8pm on selected ERP Gantries. Cost $2.00

More details can be found in LTA’s One.Motoring portal here.

Well, potential overseas investors can be relieved that the Government is doing fundamentally sound in its politics and infrastructure to attract foreign funds into Singapore. That’s probably one revenue that supports the clause!

Fellow Realtors would probably need to cycle to work next time. lol.