No More Heading to the Gym in the Morning

Especially during the peak hours. I didn’t know it’s so serious until I kicked off the car to head towards Mount Faber SAFRA to fully utilise the EnergyOne membership I have. Being health conscious in Singapore isn’t easy, especially when it starts off with the travelling to sweat.

The Journey

First gantry, $1.00 towards PIE (PIE after Kallang Bahru on Woodsville Flyover), that’s fine *accelerates.

Second gantry $3.50 towards CTE (PIE into CTE). $3.50!? I know people who crosses ERP on daily charges of up to almost $20.00 a day for a stretch and sympathize with them, but you’ll have to experience it real-time to feel the pain.


Track your ERP Spendings

Sign up for Motorpay to keep track of your ERP spendings and to avoid spending on $10.00 administrative fees of insufficient cashcard fund.

Do your planning before you head out if you’re always on the road.Or better still, gym at 7am to avoid the ERP charges.

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