Jan 2008 CEHA Results Out

CEHA - Common Examination for House Agents

Dear Sir/ Madam


We refer to the Common Examination for House Agents held in January 2008. The following are your results:

Paper 1: PASSED
Paper 2: PASSED
Paper 3: PASSED

Result: PASSED

Fellow agent friends, have you passed your CEHA yet? If not, go for SISV classes, they’re worth every single cent spent. Just as long as you attend classes regularly, SURE PASS! ;)

8 thoughts on “Jan 2008 CEHA Results Out

  1. Can you provide Papaer 2 MCQ answer for July, Oct 2007 and Jan, Apr 2008. Took the CEHA course in SISV Toa Payoh.

    Fyi, I have passed Paper 1 & 3. Yr immediate attn is greatly appreciated.

    Kelly Kay
    Fair Euro Realty Pte Ltd
    HP 81261516

  2. Hi Benson,

    Are your CEHA notes from SISV same as the one provided by IEA ? Am taking the exam Oct but realised notes don’t cover answers to questions asked in exam.

    Paul Tan K L
    Electronic Realty Associates Pte Ltd
    HP 90380413

  3. Hey Paul, I think you can look out for Sam Gian’s mailing list or just check out his website. Sometimes he publishes exam answers as he attempts to answer them.

  4. How can I get model answers/ outline for July and Oct 08 exam papers for Paper 2 Real Est Mktg?

    And where can I attend classes for upcoming April 09 exam for Paper 2?
    Thank you!

  5. Hello all Seniors,

    Anyone know what is a ‘Closed Contract’ ? This was one of the questions in Paper 2 …. I couldn’t find any answer from the web, becos this term is so vague … Appreciate your guidance :)

  6. I have pass my paper 1 but paper 2 and 3 have to retake. can i some update note to you or go to class? I am taking the exam on coming july 2010 can give some advise. thanks

    Jocelyn Wong

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