New Statutory Group for Singapore Estate Agents

The verdict is finalized with actions taken by Singapore Government. Ministry of National Development will take the reigns over from Inland Revenue of Singapore to create a Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) as the licensing authority for real estate agents.

MND will introduce a Bill in Parliament in the second half of this year to set up the new Council and to establish the new regulatory framework.

I’ll just highlight the most important point which most fellow agents are keen to know,

Arrangements will be made to help existing estate agencies and agents transit to the new licensing and registration framework. For instance, they will be exempted from the new educational qualification criterion.

Those who have passed an industry examination will not be required to take a new examination.

Those who have not passed any existing industry examination will be given one year to pass the examination, and be given a provisional registration in the interim.

Existing agents who are undischarged bankrupts or have past criminal records will be considered for registration on a case-by-case basis.

So you’ll definitely need to sit in for either CES or CEHA before practicing. To read the article in details, check out AsiaOne.

SISV CEHA Courses Opens in April 2009

SISV Services Pte Ltd is running CEHA classes commencing from mid April in preparation for July 2009 Examinations.

Course Fee: $335.00 for 3 papers (exclusive of examination fee @ $321 for 3 papers)

Date/ Days/ Time: 15 April to 12 June 2009 (Every Wednesday & Friday) 10.00am to 1.00pm

Duration: 17 sessions (14 Lectures & 3 Revision Classes)

Venue: Toa Payoh Central Community Club, 93 Toa Payoh Central, #03-03 The Theatrette

You can contact Jennifer (SISV) @ 6848 7691 or email

For those who is going for their CEHA, I’d suggest signing up for their course and attend ALL their lessons (without skipping and listen). You’ll pass if you put your heart to it. Good luck!

CEHA January 2009 Papers for Download

I have to give credits to, a forum for Realtors to discuss about CEHA, share listings and musings.

This are the scanned copies of CEHA papers for January 2009 (Right click and Save-as). Sam Gian will probably have his model answers somewhere.

Keep these scanned pdfs coming in or share with us in Realtors who decides to self-study for CEHA will have to understand its always possible that you can do so, but do not look down on the questions that will be asked. Download a copy of the above January 2009 papers or the 2008 ones that I’ve taken and you will understand.

I have contacted SISV to give me an update when they’re opening their course for the next July 2009 CEHA exams.

January 2008 CEHA Papers for Download

I’ve taken the liberty to scan all the January 2008 CEHA papers for fellow Realtors to download for reference.

Try not to take reference from what I’ve scribbled as they probably won’t be accurate.

I’ve lent all my notes and books to Joanne from Global. Perhaps anyone who needs them can contact me for to link up.

Cheers and good luck for the April paper. I’ll blog about what to prepare for materials and the settings so on and so forth on the next few entries.

A Helping Hand to 2008 July CEHA Intake

I’ve received a surprise call on my mobile from Emily, a fellow Realtor from DTZ asking for notes I have as she’s taking this upcoming intake CEHA course and has self enrolled for the papers instead of taking any courses from available CEHA courses on the market.

I suppose you can do so if you’re an experience agent who keeps yourself updated almost all time and are familiar with government policies, HDB especially; and calculations herein and out.

Over this weekend, I’m going to scan all 3 papers to share with every agents here; and whatever I could. If you’re interested in the notes, you can actually email me at to request the stuffs that I have prepared for Emily.

Now good luck to your CEHA accredition and break me the good news if you’ve gotten yourself cert-in!

ps. Even though most experienced agents will find sitting for the papers bothersome, try going for it. You’ll be amused by some tiny little details you don’t really know. Really.

SISV CEHA Course – April 2008 Intake

And I do believe in returning the favor whenever you receive something.

SISV is having it’s next course running for Common Examinations for Housing Agents (CEHA) in April for the July 2008 Examinations (7th, 8th and 9th July). If you’re a full time Realtor (Property Agent), you’ll have to rush and get your papers before the 2009 axe.

The objective of this SAEA Pre-CEHA course is to train estate agents to undertake agency work in Singapore. In particular, it is designed to prepare practising agents to take the CEHA examination. A pass in the CEHA is now a pre-requisite for those wishing to apply for a House Agent’s Licence under the Appraisers & House Agents Act. Under the SAEA’s requirement, all agents under the accredited agency must possess a pass in CEHA and be accredited by 1 January 2009.

Unfortunately, my agency is accredited.

The Files

The venue for all lessons from SISV are conducted in Toa Payoh Community Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays (from 2 to 5pm for this season). Cost is SG$365 nett for all 3 papers.

Honest Review

I like the lecturers, they’re knowledgeable on their subjects, professionals to the real estate market scene. I actually like Sam Gian’s 10-year series, though some of the information have to be reviewed because of changing policies. He’s a funny man.

If you’re worried that you can’t pass your papers, I suggest enrolling with SISV and attend all the classes, it should put you in good shape before attending your papers.

Jan 2008 CEHA Results Out

CEHA - Common Examination for House Agents

Dear Sir/ Madam


We refer to the Common Examination for House Agents held in January 2008. The following are your results:

Paper 1: PASSED
Paper 2: PASSED
Paper 3: PASSED

Result: PASSED

Fellow agent friends, have you passed your CEHA yet? If not, go for SISV classes, they’re worth every single cent spent. Just as long as you attend classes regularly, SURE PASS! ;)

Alas, The First CEHA Batch for 2008 is Done!

It’s the last paper on Professional Practice and Management for CEHA this evening at ACJC, everything was more of a breeze than a worry when I flipped open the questions. This is not exactly that hard as I expected after so much of anticipation with the 2nd paper, Marketing, being the most difficult for me.

Level of Difficulty:

  1. Professional Practice and Management
  2. Law
  3. Marketing

which of 3 is being the most difficult. It’s unbelievable, I know. Let’s just wait for the results *crossing my fingers*

The Unexpected Marketing Paper

Whilst the Law paper for CEHA was easier yesterday, I couldn’t expect anything more harder than that since many of my colleagues has mentioned this is the most easiest paper to get through.

Uh uh, I was wrong. Or them for a matter of fact.

Nothing much was tested on the marketing aspects of an agent, it’s more a of a government policy drilling session this round.

“Under Stall Ownership Scheme” (a) A second generation stallholder is entitled to a 30% discount from the assessed value of the stall. (b) A permanent resident stallholder is entitled to a 10% discount from the assessed value of the stall.”

Woot? They’re asking a National Environment Agency (NEA) question?!

“You’re marketing a 3-room HDB flat in Tebans Garden Road already announced for Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). Mr and Mrs V.S. Samy, both permanent residents, are very interested in buying the flat as they understand that as owners of a HDB flat under SERS they are eligible to buy a new HDB flat

1) Is Mr and Mrs VS Samy’s understanding that they are eligible to buy a new HDB flat, after buying the resale flat announced for SERS, correct? Give reasons

2) Explain all the conditions that a person must fulfill before he is eligible to buy a resale flat announced for SERS.

Its mostly policy questions I wouldn’t deny that if you don’t get update or know these well, its hard for you to market the different type of real estate in Singapore either. Well this round, it’s 2 MCQ questions selected vs 3 Essays. I guess lazy was the word.

Last paper tomorrow and lets talk about something else.

CEHA, The 2008 Round Starts

The Law Paper

CEHA’s Paper 1 (Law of Real Property) was just a couple of hours ago. The venue for this paper in this intake was in Anglo Chinese JC (ACJC). I had my first go (and hopefully last on it)

It wasn’t exactly too tough.

My advice: Don’t always assume that the multiple choice questions (MCQs) would be any easier than those essay questions. You have two MCQ questions and 6 essay questions. Go through all of them and scribble some notes with a pencil on the question paper before deciding on which to start.

I’ve chose 1 MCQ and 4 Essay Questions. It’s easy to attempt the calculation questions; You write lesser on explanations too. lol. We’re allowed to bring the question papers home, and if anyone wants a copy of it, you can give me a buzz anytime.

It’s sad to know that with such an accredition being made compulsory by 2009, older generation agents might have problems or even wouldn’t be able to get this papers without minimum Ordinary Level credits. Well this is Singapore, high service standards after all.

About CEHA

In 1995, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), the authority body of Singapore taxation, decided to implement a Common Examination for House Agents (CEHA) with the aim of raising the standard of practice in estate agency business in Singapore.

It is conducted by a Board of Examiners, which comprises of officials from the IRAS and representatives from Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) and Institute of Estate Agents (IEA)