January 2008 CEHA Papers for Download

I’ve taken the liberty to scan all the January 2008 CEHA papers for fellow Realtors to download for reference.

Try not to take reference from what I’ve scribbled as they probably won’t be accurate.

I’ve lent all my notes and books to Joanne from Global. Perhaps anyone who needs them can contact me for to link up.

Cheers and good luck for the April paper. I’ll blog about what to prepare for materials and the settings so on and so forth on the next few entries.

11 thoughts on “January 2008 CEHA Papers for Download

  1. Hi Benson,
    I am currently doing my Pre-CEHA, I would like to have the link which you mention on your link. kindly send the link when available. Btw, I would like to know the difficultly of the CEHA exam itself. I am a newbie in this property market, please advise.

    Kelvin (HSR)

  2. Hi Kelvin, the links are above! Just right click on them and save-as. They’re saved as PDF, you’ll need Acrobat Reader to digest them.

    It varies from intake to intake if you’re talking about the difficulty of CEHA papers. For mine, it wasn’t too hard, but the toughest paper was Marketing, which was surprising since most of the time, Marketing should be the easiest.

    I heard from my colleague the April CEHA papers weren’t easy. So it really varies from person to person.

    General guideline, do make sure you read all the questions and don’t just attempt two MCQ questions even though you are allowed to do so. The MCQ questions might not be as easy as you think.

    Cheers ;)

  3. Hi Benson,
    I’m one month old agent from DTZ. Thought of taking CEHA exam in Oct.2008.. Could you kindly send me the link to notes or book re. CEHA course..

  4. Hi Benson,
    I’m one month old agent from HSR. I am taking CEHA exam in Oct.2008.. Could you kindly send me the link to notes or book required for CEHA course..

  5. Hi Benson,

    I am doing ceha come september but would like the notes to prepare before hand. If its not too much trouble could you send me the link for it .Much appreciated.


  6. Hey all, I’d really like to help. But because I’ve lent it to someone whom borrowed the notes from me for her CEHA exams about 4 months back, I have since haven’t gotten it back from her.

    Talking about being helpful ;)

  7. Hi Benson,

    Like Josephine, can I know where can I buy the CEHA 10 years series by SAM GIAN ?

    Thx & Rgds, kenny

  8. Hi Benson,

    Do you have the answer for the exam that I haver downloaded from here?

    Without ans is hard for me to practise. Thks

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