The Unexpected Marketing Paper

Whilst the Law paper for CEHA was easier yesterday, I couldn’t expect anything more harder than that since many of my colleagues has mentioned this is the most easiest paper to get through.

Uh uh, I was wrong. Or them for a matter of fact.

Nothing much was tested on the marketing aspects of an agent, it’s more a of a government policy drilling session this round.

“Under Stall Ownership Scheme” (a) A second generation stallholder is entitled to a 30% discount from the assessed value of the stall. (b) A permanent resident stallholder is entitled to a 10% discount from the assessed value of the stall.”

Woot? They’re asking a National Environment Agency (NEA) question?!

“You’re marketing a 3-room HDB flat in Tebans Garden Road already announced for Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). Mr and Mrs V.S. Samy, both permanent residents, are very interested in buying the flat as they understand that as owners of a HDB flat under SERS they are eligible to buy a new HDB flat

1) Is Mr and Mrs VS Samy’s understanding that they are eligible to buy a new HDB flat, after buying the resale flat announced for SERS, correct? Give reasons

2) Explain all the conditions that a person must fulfill before he is eligible to buy a resale flat announced for SERS.

Its mostly policy questions I wouldn’t deny that if you don’t get update or know these well, its hard for you to market the different type of real estate in Singapore either. Well this round, it’s 2 MCQ questions selected vs 3 Essays. I guess lazy was the word.

Last paper tomorrow and lets talk about something else.

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