PropGO – Network your Group of Real Estate Agent Friends!

Besides getting hitched with its Win $10,000 worth of advertising competition for the Best Singapore Agent award, here’re some other benefits that I’ve experienced over the past 1 week of fiddling with PropGO.


Networking with PropGo ;)
Networking with PropGo ;)

A new agent friend that specialised in commercial listings gave me a private messaged to touch base with me.

For fellow colleagues who has different market specialization might want to easily touch base with one another to just share their leads to co-broke.

Effectively, you’re shortening your workload and still solving your clients need in terms of rental or sale of a property.

Property Listings in Different Segments


This is where PropGO is different from other portals. We can safely acknowledge that this is works like Facebook for agents where fellow colleagues can match listings very quickly by Districts and Neighbours segment.

Blogging and Discussions

My Blog Article on Grand Duchess with PropGo
My Blog Article on Grand Duchess with PropGo

This is where Realtor can help one another if PropGO manages to build up a strong user base of Realtor.

Any property agents could just post any questions with regards to developments that they’re unsure of; Fellow specialists could answer their questions and offer even their listings to quickly close the sale.

Hong Kong/ China/ USA Market?

New Markets is Possible with PropGO
New Markets is Possible with PropGO

Unlike PropertyGuru and ST701 (which I highly recommend for your listings for local leads), PropGO looks like they’re working very well in Hong Kong as well as China. With their new alliance with, they’re now expanding also into the USA market.

With PropGO, you might have the chance to touch base with other foreign Realtor who might be interested in Singapore’s real estate. Ah, that would be new market segments for most, wouldn’t it?

In Short..

I believe in the spirit of esprit de corps even in property sales. The more sociable you are, the more friends you make, be it your direct clients or property agent friends, the more happier you are and the more easier and faster it would be for you to close your sales.

PropGO might make it possible with the 20,000 ++ property agents (current estimated number of real estate agents in Singapore).

Why not give it a go and have your listings posted here? Give me a hola when you’ve registered to add me as a friend ;)

I think PropGO is still experiencing some bug issues with the adding of friends, but it should resolve pretty soon

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