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Here’s a doze of my mobile station that allows me to work anywhere be it in the car, in the washroom or when meeting clients :)


HTC Touch Pro

The former Dopod 838Pro (Hermes) was retired last year. I was one of the first few who jumped into the sliding keyboard form factor when Dopod launched its old 838Pro despite its brick like size.

XDA Developers has been my creed for the past few years on mobile upgrades, customed ROMS which work usually wonders than the original ones provided by HTC and tweaks that maximises the phone’s potential.

With the TouchPRO, reminders and calendars are the boon to Realtor jobs, friendly Opera browsing and email functions are pluses (which I dont really use much since 3G/HSPDA connections tax alot on the battery life usually)

ps. I’ve just gotten the news that Touch Pro 2 is to be released by HTC this Q2. Pfft.

Jawbone 2

I remember reading about the review of Jawbone 2 excitedly over some forums on how sleek and how impressive the noise cancellation technology was with the Jawbones. Aliph’s stuffs have never been available locally in Singapore, with only Jabra, iTech, Motorola and a small hint of Plantronics dominating the market here.

Ordered my two sets from eBay (I lost one unfortunately) which sets me back about US$160 per piece including shipping, and have never looked back ever since.

Idiot-proof pairing with phone, crystal clear conversations, decent battery life.

Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet

This was inspired by Nick and the video on jkOnTheRun. I would agree this US$1,200 Lenovo EOL tablet has served me well for the past few weeks with the wooo and the ahhhs of my clients. And yes, get your Lenovo from eBay. Even if it sets you back with a GST when it arrives, it’s still much cheaper than getting it at the retail shops (at least 40% savings). International warranty.

Since X61T has stopped production, you should be looking at X200T.

Armed with Microsoft OneNote, PDF Annotator for PDF dawdling, and my Singnet Broadband on Mobile for uninterrupted 3G internet connection (usually), I can work anywhere.

Singnet Broadband on Mobile (BBoM) 3G/HSPDA Connection

The mother of all pearl for internet connection anywhere in Singapore. We have Wireless@SG at most spots but sometimes the particular relay station might be having some flu which doesn’t allow you to have a decent internet connection for work.

I’ve signed up for Singnet BBOM for a 1.5mbps connection since last year. No looking back. Sets you back about SGD$15 a month or so. You can read my review on Singapore 3G broadbands here.

Canon Powershot A1000IS

Just some random camera that I got from Alan’s Photos lesser than $300. This 10.1 mega-pixel replaces my 5 year old Canon Ixus-500. Canon always delivers sharp photos and eases my printing with PictBridge for snappy photo printings.

Plus plus points, it uses AA alkaline batteries, making emergency battery flat issues seemingly impossible.

Canon IP100

And if the Tablet is not enough, I have the portable IP100 always in my car if my client needs anything solid for their contracts, information on projects or anything that needs to be printed out on the spot.

This set me back about SGD$300+ with the battery pack (since 6 months ago), but has saved me tonnes of travelling time/ and petrol.

Diet Coke

Yes, you’ll need to quench your thirst somewhat somehow. I have affinity towards drinks that doesnt add carbs to my belly, so a chilled diet coke always relaxes me. Cost $1.20 – $1.50 at all major convenient stores and kopi tiams.

No coffee! ;)

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